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You want to thrive in what you do, and you want to love what you do! This is not always easy and many of us are struggling or feeling some doubt on how to create a professional experience that is deeply satisfactory and fulfilling. This group is all about exploring what is behind this and discovering what you can do to create a more meaningful and joyful professional life. Sharing with others who have the same goal may give new ideas and inspiration.

The group offers a space to gradually uncover what is influencing your job satisfaction and success in your unique situation. What are the enablers? What are the barriers? What holds you back? The answers to these questions may help you decide what you want to change, and how you want to make these changes.

Sessions remain practical, interactive, and sometimes personal and intimate, depending on what you are ready to bring. Above all, the group offers a safe and collaborative space where we create value for each other and learn and grow together.

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