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Love wireframing? Daydream of perfecting pixels? Join the Berlin UI/UX Designers Meetup. We meet every month to share our love for all things UI/UX design. At each talk/networking event, design leaders in Berlin speak on design topics - more details coming soon. We’re always looking for interesting and engaging designers (or design enthusiasts) to grow the Berlin UI/UX design community, if you are interested in speaking at a Berlin UI/UX Meetup email tijana@uiux.berlin.

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Talks and Networking for Designers #42


Join us for the Talks and Networking for Designers #42 Meetup at Contentful. Drinks and food starting at 7 pm, talks start at 7:30 pm. We will have a lucky draw for prizes provided by our sponsors: Sketch. Prizes include 3 Sketch Licenses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talks: First Speaker: Leandro Velasco Topic: The power or white boarding Abstract: As product designers today we most likely spend most of our time in meetings and workshops. I remember the first time I had to use a white board for work and also my first few white boarding challenges - I was terrible at it. In this talk I would like to share some personal experiences and what I learned from my white boarding challenges and also problem solving sessions with product and business. We will go over some ways to be more confident, strengthen our problem-solving and communication skills. Ultimately to have a starting frame work to be able to facilitate your thinking and share with your audience. Bio: Leandro Velasco Hi! I am Leandro from Toronto and now a Berlin-based designer. I studied graphic design and then eventually found my place in digital. I stared off as a Visual Designer and then the last few years I've been focusing on product strategy, design thinking, user experience and human centred design. My design experience is pretty diverse from design agency to client work. Recently I joined the design team at SoundCloud. --- Second Speaker: Idan Nesher Title: Why every designer should attend a hackathon" Abstract: Hack your career. hack your learning process. while building our careers as product designers we tend to dig into one or two topics, and especially as junior designers we tend to be left out of the business part of our work, hackathons are a great way to get an introduction to big companies, team management and learn about new technologies and expand your skills, learn how to collaborate with devs and explore your creativity. Bio: Idan Nesher is a freelance product designer, start-upper, storyteller and an ever-curious person. with over 5 years of experience in the tech industry and as an industrial designer working in different startups and companies. currently working for Zalando Lounge, own a SexTech startup and a non-profit platform to track politicians' promises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule: 19:00 - Networking, Snacks, and Drinks 19:25 - Check-in Closes 19:30 - Welcome 19:35 - Speaker 1 19:55 - Q&A 20:05 - Short 10 min break 20:15 - Speaker 2 20:35 - Q&A 20:45 - Community Minute, Jobs, Winners 20:55 - Thank you for coming - Networking after the event until 21:30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Tijana at [masked] if you are interested in speaking at a future meetup, if you have a venue for a future event or to give us feedback.

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Talks and Networking for Designers #41


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