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UX Leipzig is a community of Leipzig-based UX professionals. Our goal is to encourage all people interested in user experience to get together, share ideas, support each other and have fun.

Under the broader UX banner we are interested in the wide range of related skills and disciplines, including user experience design, interaction design, service design, customer experience, accessability, usability, content strategy, visual design, user research, etc.

If you live around Leipzig and have an interest in user experience we’d love to have you involved.

We meet each month or two for regular social and educational events, and might in future also have other events throughout the year - such as social gatherings or special events with guest speakers. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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UX Leipzig Meetup #21: Make it, but make it accessible!

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UX Leipzig Meetup #20: 3 Jahre UX bei EVERGEEN

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UX Leipzig Meetup #19 - Gendersensible Sprache (remote Event)

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