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We are VR / AR makers who would like to co-create projects with like-minded people in the industry.

> Our goal is to get up-to-date information from the VR / AR producer & developer scene, to expand our network and to stay relevant in the VR / AR industry.
> Regarding the meetups: If you have relevant PROJECTS or IDEAS for potential events or if you just want to CONTRIBUTE, you can to get in contact with the admins for organization.


> Goal for our meetups is to realizing U.P.D.
+DEDICATED Virtual and Augmented Reality resources and events.
> The events will be organized in an ad-hoc style and they can be focused into
+production, design or coding sessions,
+game jam,
+educative workshop formats.
> The meetups will be about +CO-WORKING and +CO-CREATING VALUE. We want VR / AR Hackers and Producers to participate, inspire and realize projects.

Let's exchange, leverage this momentum and see the alternative realities flourish with all it's fun, artistry and functionality in our lives and grow in this together.

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This will be organized soon - VR Jam
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Let's meetup and and create immersive game experiences in a jam event.

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Augmenting Cities Hackathon

Einstein Forum Digital Future Berlin

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