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Maestro Impro (TM) Free Warm-up Workshop

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Maestro Impro (TM) Free Warm-up Workshop


The excitement, the fun, the drama - experience Maestro Impro(TM), the most famous theatresports format across the world!

Improvisors from Vienna’s vibrant improv scene will be joined by international guests to fight for the audience’s favor. The show has an elimination structure, where randomly chosen improvisors play scenes with each other. The directors set up the scenes, which will be scored by the audience. The players given the highest scores continue while those with lower numbers leave the show. This goes on for several rounds until only one improvisor remains - the Maestro.

You can also be part of the show - if you want! The directors will host a free warm-up workshop for all contestants to get to know each other. And we invite everyone to join us for this workshop. At the end, we will ask for volunteers and pick a few participants to go on stage with the already set cast. This offer is open for all levels of impro, even beginners!

If you do not get selected, you will need a ticket to see the show. And since there can only be a few lucky ones, we advise you to reserve your tickets now (payable in the evening at the box office):
Reserve Ticket!

You need to RSVP to this event if you want to participate in the warm-up! The participation in the warm-up does not guarantee a spot in the show, it only gets you a chance.

Photo of ViennaImprov - Vernetzung der Impro Szene in Wien group
ViennaImprov - Vernetzung der Impro Szene in Wien
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