March Gathering 2017


We are also looking for speakers, for our next events. I encourage everybody, to share with us their experience and knowledge, so please get in touch with Boris! Meet awesome PHP devs and other interesting people at ViennaPHP, enjoy a Club Mate or a beer and let's have fun.


• "Welcome" by Boris Hrkic

• "Refactoring to Collections" by Johannes Pichler

"Tired of writing loops with conditionals in PHP? Collections introduce functional programming principles into PHP and provide an easy way to handle arrays in your business logic."

Johannes Pichler : He is a backend developer working at in Linz, Austria..


• "Optimising Wordpress in a large multisite installation" by Tom Macdonald

"At Yelster, we have a WP installation that is the backbone for a premium website service. Currently at 3000 clients and climbing, we are often faced with interesting performance and optimization problems, ranging from the general (database instances, caching, scaling) to the particular (Page load performance, Javascript loading). This talk will focus on a selected number of these issues, and the paths we took to resolve or mitigate them"

Tom Macdonald : After freelancing for 4 years in Vienna, Tom became lead dev for the Site Privilège project at yelster digital GmbH, where he helps his team keep the platform running, increase performance and deploy new features. In parallel, he also manages the transition to a service oriented architecture.

• "Building a Bot" by Michael Schramm
"Introduction into Building a simple bot, and what tools can be used. "

Michael Schramm : full stack developer for more than 10 years and a cofounder of GOSEPP

Additional talks? Sure! We need still talks, so please get in touch with Boris! Sponsors? Sure! If you want to give thirsty devs something to drink while they talk about your company and remember it as one of the best around, come talk to Boris!


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