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The 5 Financial Assets You Need Before age 50 to
Achieve Financial Freedom For all you ENTREPRENEURS out there, the secret's out – financial freedom is yours if you want it!

Savvy entrepreneurs are great at taking care of their business. But only some will do what it takes to create assets outside of their business so they can have financial freedom, more time with family and friends – and fulfil their dream of creating a lasting impact.

Will you choose financial freedom?

Will you put yourself first and create the assets you need to live financially free? Why should I attend?

This 2-hour jam-packed event is specially designed for entrepreneurial business owners. We know your time is precious so the focus is on Getting Stuff Done. You will walk away with the knowledge to implement the assets you need for financial freedom, using your existing resources. Most wealth and financial workshops are focused on helping employees or corporate workers. But we know how tough it is to be an entrepreneurial business owner. That's why we've developed the 5 @ 50 for Freedom Event to maximise the value of your time and focus on action so you get the maximum benefit. Here's what you'll learn...

We show you how to accumulate the 5 financial assets you need before age 50 to generate $150,000 of passive income...simply, quickly and effectively. Personal Assets. Separate your business and personal cash flow, and understand the power of family and the security of home.

Property Assets. Determine the 3 property assets you need in your portfolio now. Business Assets. Learn how to use your profits to grow your wealth, invest as an equity partner and invest where the big players do. Superannuation Assets. Discover how you can own your business premises and pass assets on through the generations. Legacy Assets. Realise the importance of communicating your final wishes and ensuring your legacy and assets are passed on correctly. Yes, book me in!

GO TO fiveatfifty.com.au What our clients say You cannot do anything more rewarding than running your own race, being in control of your own destiny and to truly create financial freedom.
Chris has a common sense approach to making sure that you focus on the basics to achieving financial freedom whilst still following your dream.
Janine Allis – Founder Boost Juice We met Chris & it was like a breath of fresh air. Chris quietly took us through the journey and laid out a plan for our financial future. It was a very pleasant change to talk to someone who understood our situation. He reassured us that we did indeed have sufficient funds to see us through our retirement years. Hence, financial freedom. We now even travel Business Class on our holidays!
It has been a pleasure to work with Chris through this journey & we have no hesitation in recommending other retirees or business owners to his astute financial acumen.
Cess and Natalie Hodges Get WEALTH is indeed a road map for achieving financial freedom. Chris has set out a plan with concepts and examples which are easily understood. It is both a reference and a source of encouragement to entrepreneurs of all ages and stages
Robin and Jenny Pietsch Who is behind 5 @ 50?

Chris Nairn is the Managing Director of Equus Partners Wealth Management. Having been a multiple business owner himself, he specialises in helping entrepreneurs create wealth and a financially free life using his core 6-step Get WEALTH strategy. A certified financial planner with more than a decade of experience, Chris' passion is enabling his clients to spend more time with their family, have an impact on the community and create a lasting legacy. He has written his first book, Freedom Assets: The Entrepreneur's Roadmap to Financial Freedom.

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