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Hello... and welcome to 5-a-side.

I wanted to create a meetup group where people from the local area could to get to know each other in a pleasant, no-pressure environment, while enjoying fresh, healthy food and conversation at tried and tested local restaurants and cafes with delicious food offerings, and which represent excellent value for money, great service, a relaxed and stylish atmosphere and which offer a cultural experience.

The group is aimed at unattached people and our aim is for each event to comprise 5 men and 5 women, in a roughly designated age range. For this reason, you'll see a MALE list of 5 and a FEMALE list of 5 for each event, each with a waitlist. We'll do our best to make sure each meetup has an equal balance of both sexes, but this is not guaranteed, particularly given that people may no-show.

Most of us lead pretty busy lives these days. For the benefit of those with time constraints, we'll aim to keep the dinners to a couple of hours, but those who want to could kick on afterwards or arrange with other members to meet up again.

In the interests of making the experience fair and flexible for everyone, so people can eat what (and as much or as little as) they want, we prefer not to go with set menus in most cases and will post links to the chosen restaurant's menus on the site. Most places don't do split bills so please make sure you have a good range of small notes and coins to pay your portion of the bill.

In general, we'll aim to choose BYO places with a bottle shop close by. Half size bottles are a good option for those who only want a drink or two.

Although the group was designed for single people to meet other single people in a relaxed atmosphere, it is not a dating or matchmaking service and we would ask that everyone respects other people's boundaries throughout the night. We want everyone to feel comfortable at all times.

**Please note we reserve the right to ban any member who behaves in a way that is against the spirit of the group, or where a complaint has been made. Please also note that the organisers can remove members at any time, for any reason, at their own discretion.

JOINING: To join please provide a clear photograph of yourself. No cartoons, pictures of the dog etc :) We'd also ask if you could fill out the profile questions, which are great for talking points/introductions. If there's something you particularly don't want to answer just put xxx in the line.

COST: The rules around the money side of things have been considered carefully to ensure fairness to all members, the restaurants and the organisers. We will not be selecting expensive restaurants, and the menu/link will be visible for each event so nobody has any unexpected surprises. A non-refundable registration/organisation fee of $10 and a deposit of $20 will be required to secure an RSVP (by pay pal via the site).

The $20 deposit: The deposit is to deter no-shows, which can be costly to providers like restaurants, and may be used as an actual deposit if the restaurant requires one. You will appreciate that with large group bookings sometimes a deposit is required by the restaurant to confirm the booking, and some restaurants may require no shows to be paid for. **The $20 will be deducted from the attending member's bill at the end of the night.

The $10 (non-refundable) registration fee: This is to cover the meetup organiser dues, the time associated with creating and organising the group and the researching, planning and coordinating of the events, the percentage paypal will take from the deposit money, etc. The organiser will also be responsible for introducing attendees, facilitating conversation and making sure everyone/everything is ok and runs smoothly on the night.

We consider this to be reasonable, considering Sydney speed dating events (with no dinner) start at around $50, but more often cost upwards of $79.95, and a 'Dinner for Six' style event can be a very expensive night, taking into account a membership fee and typically quite expensive dinner venue.

REFUNDS: If a member cancels before 48 hours prior to the event, their full $30 will be refunded. I will also happily refund the $20 if the member pulls out within 48 hours of the event AND we are able to replace the member prior to the event. Having said that, please give as much notice as you can, as those on waiting lists will need to plan in advance to attend, particularly given we are aiming for even numbers of men and women.

If the organiser needs to cancel or reschedule the event (ie. if numbers aren't achieved), the full $30 will be refunded to the member.

There won't be a refund if a member no-shows, or cancels within 48 hours and a replacement cannot be secured. In this instance, it will be at the organiser's discretion as to whether to give all or part of this deposit money to the restaurant (if not already provided), to cover its booking opportunity cost.

IDEAS: We're keen to look at different ways to facilitate communication and to make the evening as enjoyable as possible, depending on the group, such as having people move seats periodically around the table. We'd be very keen to hear any ideas you might have. I'm also keen to think about how we can make sure everyone that's interested gets to come along to an event every so often... and how we can ensure there are some different people to meet at each event.

We look forward to meeting you soon.




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