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Meeting and discussion with post meet beer/coffee for those interested.
Looking forward to another enjoyable session where we will again discuss some of Popper's key ideas and how they can be relevant to solving the philosophical problems of today. No preparation required - material will be provided to stimulate discussion.

State Library of Queensland, Level 2, Room 2D

Brisbane · Queensland

What we're about

This is for people who want to make the world a better place - the philosophy of Karl Popper may just be the philosophy the world needs more of right now if we are to make the world a better place. Karl Popper is little known today but his humanist philosophy that uses clear language to tie together evolution, ethics, cosmology, science, theory of mind and a theory of how we know and learn things, will change your life for the better. The challenge is, can we also use this philosophy to make the world better?

The group meets on the last Thursday night of each month at the State Library, South Bank. Meetings generally involve an aspect of Popper's philosophy being highlighted briefly by myself or anyone else who volunteers, to stimulate thought and discussion, often about real problems facing the world today ( No preparation is needed for any of the meetups, material to kick off discussions will always be provided on the night. )

Popper, if not already, may be just the philosopher for you? His wonderful humanist philosophy, written plainly and courageously, may be the best philosophy to help humanity survive in open societies in the 21st Century. This is a guy who provided a lecture at Princeton on indeterminism in quantum mechanics that Einstein and Bohr attended, regularly debated Schrodinger about quantum mechanics and 'what is life?', yet he also identified and demolished the philosophical beliefs that support and lead to totalitarianism and tyranny, and in this process developed possibly the best philosophical defence for open and tolerant societies. He was writing great philosophy into his 90s before passing away in 1994.

But don't take my word for it, as Donald Mckay said in 'Nature' magazine - reading Popper is good for you ! Numerous Nobel prize winners praise him for his influence on their intellects. (Note: see the pages section for some introductory quotes from others about Popper's philosophy.

And a final note of caution ! Don't trust most academic philosophers' glib critiques of Popper's philosophy - as Australian philosopher Rafe Champion so well collates in one of his excellent books re Popper 'Misreading Popper'- Popper is so poorly quoted by academic philosophers, many of them have clearly not read Popper themselves. Yet this guy writes so clearly, they have no excuse for misleading us re his philosophy.

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