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We are here to encourage;

a) Active outdoor pursuits , mostly in our national parks, forests, beaches and other untrammeled environs

b) Outdoors pursuits, which emphasise human locomotion and minimise our impact on the environment. We are not here to promote 4WD activities for their own sake, motorised trail bike riding or shooting. However we may need to use 4WDs to reach locations for camping.

c)An appreciation and protection of the natural environment

d)Training and leadership in outdoor pursuits eg navigation,safety and survival , first aid, bushcraft, trip planning

e)Nature education eg Identification of birds, snakes , flora and fauna; astronomy, geology,the atmosphere, natural history and science in general

f)Fitness in the outdoors for the outdoors

g)Mateship - Australian term for friendship, bonhomie,camaraderie

h)Good humour and fortitude

i) Australian culture at it's best - especially if it involves exaggerating stereotypes of the rugged outback explorers !

This can cover art, bush cooking, bush ballads, bush poetry, history of exploration


Anyone can join, be you Australians ,expats or occasional visitors - but trips do require a modicum of fitness.

You should have the fitness to complete a full day of activity, be it bushwalking, cycling, kayaking or in a water sport.

We do not exclude people on the basis of colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation etc.

You should provide a clear close up photo like the first photo of our mate, Russell Coight - at the bottom of the page.

We need a clear close-up photo so that we can spot you at a meeting point - especially if you are a fresh face. In the worst scenario that you get lost on a trip, we can provide the search authorities with a photo of you.

If you don't comply with our conditions for a photo then the onus is TOTALLY on you to find us at meeting points for events.

We also would like your first name and 2 initials. There are many people with the same first names eg John

Most of our activities will be held in the natural environment and this group is for people who are sympathetic to it's protection. If you are NOT - then don't join.

We do not accept alcohol, drugs, smoking, uncouth or intemperate behaviour on our trips.

NO Pets on our trips!

Children may attend some trips depending on the activity and at the discretion of the trip leader.

At the end of our trips we usually go to a cafe. Minor amounts of alcohol will be accepted in such social settings providing it does not lead to unpleasant conduct.

Once you have been accepted you should go on a trip as soon as possible. If you have not gone on a trip within your first 12 months then your membership will be deleted.

If you do go on trips but are then inactivity for over 12 months, your membership may also be deleted.


a)Choose your event and click on RSVP on the top right and include your guests by adding +1 , +2 etc.

Check to make sure you do not have any competing events. Apart from emergencies make every effort to attend.

Do not be frivolous with your registration or withdrawl. An organizer went to some effort to host this event.

b)If you can no longer make it, please change your RSVP as soon as possible or send a message to the organizer.

c)If an emergency arose and you couldn't change your RSVP then please send an apology as soon as possible.


a)If you do not attend the event, did not withdraw in time and did not send an apology within 12 hours then this counts as a NO SHOW.

b)Your membership will be cancelled after 3 NO SHOWS, however depending on the circumstances it can be cancelled after a single NO SHOW.

c)In some cases, such as long distance trips, your membership can be cancelled if you frivolously withdrew very close to the date of the event.


We do not have public risk insurance, nor do we have qualified trip leaders. We are a non profit group of volunteers and we are always in need of volunteers to organise activities. So step forward.

This website costs US$180 per annum so all contributions will be gratefully accepted. Most trips will seek a $2 donation.

Irrespective of adverse terrain, inclement weather or misadventure , participants are required to display good humour and fortitude at all times.

Giuseppe Coletti

14 October 2014


Recommended viewing;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acCSewvQH0k&... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acCSewvQH0k&list=PLNLY8AQNwGFvjJIH7m1lRgzrkMSB_j-ie)




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