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A community of people who enjoy exploring book-to-film adaptations:

• we read a book
• we meet to discuss it before we see the film together
• we compare the book and film in a group discussion straight after the screening.

1. What kind of book-to-film adaptations do you do?
Anything from classics to arthouse to blockbusters. See the variety over the last three years:

• Book-to-Film Adaptation Club - 2014 adaptations (
• Book-to-Film Adaptation Club - 2015 adaptations (
• Book-to-Film Adaptation Club - 2016 adaptations (

2. Is the Book-to-Film Adaptation Club like a book club?
Yes. Reading a book with a reward at the end; the reward is meeting with like-minded people to discuss the book and experience the big-screen version together. Our members find they discover books they would never otherwise have thought to read.

3. How many events do I have to attend?
As many or as few as you like. It helps to be guided by the books you want to read (rather than the film).
There are between two and four adaptation events every month. You can take two weeks, two months or two years before you come to your first event. You might be busy or you might not see anything which interests you, that's completely fine.

4. Where are events held?
Wherever the adaptation is being screened, usually in the city/inner west.
Venues in 2014-2016: Palace Norton St, Verona, Chauvel, Dendy Newtown, Dendy Quays, Event Cinemas George St, Newtown Hotel, Event Cinemas Burwood (once for a film festival), Art Gallery of NSW, Govinda's, State Library, Randwick Ritz, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hayden Orpheum, and Golden Age Cinema.

5. What happens at an adaptation event?
Events are three to three and half hours long and include:

• a book discussion in a café at or near the cinema
• a film screening for which everyone buys their own ticket
• a post-film debrief, usually in a quiet part of the cinema.

We often start the book discussion by posting comments online in the preceding weeks and might continue debriefing online afterwards.

6. When are events held?
Friday or Saturday evenings with the occasional Sunday afternoon and very occasional weekday evening.

7. How much time will I have to read the book?
Events are scheduled three weeks to two months in advance.

8. How do I join?
An identifiable face photo ( is the only requirement.

9. Does this Meetup cost/make money?
Group members don't pay for the group, only for their own books and tickets.
As the group organiser, I bear the Meetup subscription costs (~$180 USD per year) for the pure pleasure of discovering new book-to-film adaptations and sharing perspectives on the way a book's story, themes, characters are represented on the big screen.

10. What is an identifiable face photo?
A clear, recognisable, forward facing headshot, unobstructed by sunglasses or a hat: identifiable face photo (

11. Why do I need an identifiable face photo?
Your request to join will only be approved if you have an identifiable face photo for this group. When members post an identifiable face photo ( of themselves it's the start of a friendly relationship with the group. Completing the Member Profile is very helpful too.
Your profile photo helps the organiser and members connect with you and recognise you when you attend an event. The Book-to-Film Adaptation Club is a secure group; our profiles are only visible to other members of the Book-to-Film Adaptation Club.

12. What if I don't finish reading the book?
If you haven't read the book, change your RSVP to No and you can choose a different adaptation event which gives you plenty of time to read ahead.
This guarantees you're being fair to the organiser and your fellow group members who want to discuss the book and want to get the most out of our events.
There are also loads of Meetup groups for people interested in just seeing movies.

13. Can I bring a friend, partner or family member to an event?
We're a small, collaborative group, so 'plus ones' aren't permitted. Your friend, partner or family member is warmly invited to join the group and participate by reading ahead for events with everyone else.

14. How long are the books?
The lengths of the books vary; you'll find the approximate number of pages in the details of every event e.g. (~250 pp) so you know how much reading you're in for.

15. How do I find the right book?
You'll find book's title and author in the event details. Books for adaptation events are available in bookshops, online as ebooks or (most of them) in a library.

16. How do I buy a ticket?
You'll find ticketing information in the event details, including seat numbers if seating is reserved for that screening; everyone buys their own movie ticket.

17. How do you know what book-to-film adaptations are coming up in Sydney?
I scour the cinema listings and, since running this group, I've made great connections with local film curators and venue managers. They are very supportive and often email me when they are putting together their programs.

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