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This group is for people to learn about the health effects of our homes. In particular subjects like Mould, EMF's, water and Air quality, Geopathy or ley lines. Many of these topics are hotly contested for and against. Fair enough but what is the evidence? Members must have an open mind. Asbestos was once considered completely inert and harmless, and smoking was recommended by Doctors for stress relief. Arsenic was used as a green dye in wall paper, lead was used to seal cans of food. Hopefully we learn when anecdotal evidence builds enough to trigger science to investigate. Are mobile phones safe to hold against our heads? What recourse do we have if it turns out they are not? There is a warning within each phone. There are a lot of poorly diagnosed illnesses that people suffer with, what would you say if making some changes to the topics above made a positive difference? I am hoping to provide a forum for information for you.

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