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What we’re about

Do you like Scrabble? So do we! Come and play Scrabble with us! It's a great way to keep your mind healthy, and meet new people. Playing Scrabble is a good mix of activity and socialising.

- We are a friendly and welcoming group. I'm Daniel, and I run the show.
- Attendance is typically 15-25 people, and growing.
- We have players of all ages, but 40's to 60's are the majority.
- Players are about ⅔ women, ⅓ men.
- Our events are held at safe, comfortable, public venues.

- At about 6:00, we'll put out all the Scrabble sets. I'll find another novice player for you to play, and you can begin. There are no fancy rules, time limits, or formalities. It's just the rules printed on the box, and a friendly atmosphere.
- Stay for as many games as you like.
- You do not need to be good at Scrabble to join in. You'll be playing other novices like yourself. Many people who join us haven't played a game of Scrabble in years.
- If you do ever want to play Scrabble more seriously, or play against tough opponents, there are opportunities to do that.

- There is no cost of any kind, and you don't need to do or bring anything. We provide all equipment.
- I suggest turning up early for your first visit. If you're late, that's not a problem. We'll join you in as soon as another player is available to play.
- You'll need reasonable English skills. Scrabble tends to be very difficult for English beginners.
- There is no commitment or membership. Try it out one evening, and see if you like it. If you do, come and play whenever you like.
- Having dinner or a drink at the venue is very much appreciated, as they're letting us use their space. Many people come at 5:15-5:30, and have dinner, before play starts at 6.
- Please choose an event, and mark yourself as attending. (You don't need to do this, though it is useful. Feel free to just turn up.)
- See for clubs in other parts of Adelaide. (Those clubs are all during the day, on weekdays.)
- Message me if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!

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