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DD12 Cataclyzm
You've awoken in a desolate land, darkness surrounds you. With your wits, skills and guile, you'll need to survive this wasteland, craft your own gear and fight horrors of your worst imagination. Westmarches style roleplay campaign: Arrange your group, whomsoever arrives each week will be that weeks scavaging / scout group, go out, search, discover, fight, return and craft new gear for up coming adventures. Communicate online each week between adventures to determines the up coming adventure. What is this world? where is everything? Anything? For Now, the Location On Saturdays is the Enfield Mega Markets, I'm trying to arrange something better, if anyone has a cheap / free alternative, let me know.


TBA · Adelaide

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If you play a tabletop roleplaying game such as Dungeons and Dragons, PathFinder, GURPS, d20, Call of Cthulhu, or any other variety this is probably the site for you. As a related field of interest, also included under this group are MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, TSW Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, and Guildwars so you can try to gather a group for online play in those Role Playing based computer games.
Hopefully here you can reach out to others to find Players, GM/DMs, and arrange regular role playing groups. Use the discussion board to talk about rules questions, recount noteworthy roleplaying experiences, or get feedback from this Meetup group's community on topics directly related to role playing games.
Boardgamers (too numerous to count) and tabletop tactical gamers (Warhammer, Warmachine, Mordheim, and their ilk) are welcome too. Please respect the focus of this Meetup group and limit content to the already broad portfolio mentioned.

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