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What we’re about

We like to meet up to share personal experiences that lead to spiritual freedom.

Topics of interest will vary month to month. Popular discussion themes are; How to Develop Clear Inner Guidance, How to Master Change, The Spiritual Purpose of Dreams, Soul Travel, Out-of-Body Experiences, Spiritual Healing, the Spiritual Purpose of Past Lives, Reincarnation, Living in the Now, Steps Toward Enlightenment, the Immortality of Soul, Self Realisation, God Realisation and How to Master our Destiny. There is always plenty of opportunity to answer questions and make suggestions for topics to discuss next. 

Whether online or face to face, our experienced facilitators ensure we have open minded, respectful, open  spiritual discussions with an aim to help each Soul follow its own Path back to the Divine Source and learn How to survive spiritually in our times. 

Our aims are to; help you validate your spiritual experiences, understand the purpose of having spiritual experiences, discuss the benefit of all experiences we have in our daily lives. 

Last but not least is to share tips and techniques to expand your spiritual horizons. We are committed to helping members find their own personal answers to deep spiritual questions.

There is never a cost for coming to our group meetings— gold coin donations are gratefully accepted to help us cover room hire, materials and refreshments but it is not expected, just come and enjoy! 

Our Meetup is sponsored by members of Eckankar. Eckankar is known as the path of spiritual freedom.  It has ancient roots and modern-day approach. Check out 

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