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A monthly meeting of professional and enthusiast software developers, discussing all things .NET (Microsoft and open source), as well as languages, web frameworks, IoT, cloud, back end, testing, mobile and other related topics. Find out more at https://www.adnug.net

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Database Internals - Important information for performance, with Rob Farley

We're going to look at index internals using pens rather than a computer. This means we'll consider heaps v clustered indexes v non-clustered indexes, composite indexes, key choices (guid v int), page splits, fragmentation, as well as seeks and scans, sargability and residual predicates, and a bit on columnstore index internals too. It's stuff I think all developers should know even if you're not creating indexes, because it will impact your choices when you interact with your data.

About Rob

Rob Farley does SQL & BI consulting through LobsterPot Solutions. He's run the Adelaide Data & Analytics UG since 2005 and moonlights as Father Christmas and as a stand-up comedian. He's an Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft MVP. Reach him at r[masked]

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This is an in-person event. A decision will be made closer to the date whether to record and/or offer a live stream.

Microsoft Build Afterparty (TBC)

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This meetup is still being planned. Registration will be available as soon as details are confirmed.

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Thanks to Encode Talent and Taptu!

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.NET Snapshot testing with Verify, with Simon Cropp

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