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A monthly meeting of professional and enthusiast software developers, discussing all things .NET (Microsoft and open source), as well as languages, web frameworks, IoT, cloud, back end, testing, mobile and other related topics. Find out more at https://www.adnug.net

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How does Hot Reload even work, with David Wengier

Room JS3-13A

An in-person and online event!

How does Hot Reload even work?
Hot Reload (and Edit and Continue) are reasonably amazing technologies allowing you to apply code changes on the fly, without stopping your application, or seemingly even recompiling it. Whilst a Hot Reload demo is all well and good (and I'm happy to provide one if you like), I personally find it much more interesting to talk about how it works under the hood, why some things don't work, what things might work in future, etc.

This session will be a dive into the details of .NET DLLs, how they work, how Roslyn compiles deltas for them, and how the runtime applies them. All of that wonderful information you've always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask! You'll learn absolutely nothing about JavaScript, microservices, or anything else your company actually uses, but at least you'll have a better understanding of what's in a .NET DLL, and a better idea of ILSpy is showing you next time you run it.

Check out this video of David introducing the talk.

This is an in-person event. Virtual attendance will also available. The link for online attendance will be sent out to registered attendees a day before.

Pizzas provided by Encode Talent 🍕🍕

Thanks to Encode Talent and Taptu!

Past Events

Writing XAML like it's 2023, with Matt Lacey

Room JS1-13