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Sally & Celeste – the perfect duo! Collaboration, Strategy & Great Networking!!

Adelaide Personal & Business Development Group has been running since Nov 2015. It experienced massive growth with Sally in the last three years, and its time to expand & change with more collaborative partners.

Sally is a marketing problem solver. Celeste is a marketing strategist. Together, they have over 40-years of experience in business, sales, communications, and marketing.

Guided by data, performance, ROI and tested strategies, they have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to build successful brands.They have come together because they believe that businesses can achieve more; do more; be better with collaboration!

As a Community, we are a collaborative and supportive group, consisting of switched on, successful and passionate individuals, who want to share and contribute to their Business Growth, whilst being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Collectively we are here to share knowledge, connections, resources & collaborate. We do this through regular networking events where we get to know each other & explore opportunities.

We have 4 Events Types

Our Live or Replay Show - Join Sally and Celeste for “Marketing Magic” on The Success Secrets Exposed Show on the first Friday of each month, when they discuss all things business and marketing online Live via Radio & TV.

Live Radio Link:






Can’t make it then? Join our Facebook Group to access the replays anytime and as many times as you like. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions on our lives with Sally, Celeste and other guests.


2. Discussion & Networking - Great conversation around timely & relevant topics and excellent connections to network with each month.

3. Influencer Breakfasts or Dinners - Small intimate gatherings with selected & personally invited guests.

4. PROMO: When you see this “Code - PROMO” it means I am sharing mine or someone else’s event or workshop that I feel could be valuable to the community.

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