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Would you like to have the Best Year of Your Life – EVER?
You are invited to join us with a focus on strategies and understanding what motivation and procrastination is, and how we can support and mentor each other in attaining our goals and objectives.

Do you feel stuck? Frustrated with your level of achievement over the last few months or years? Isn't it time you finally took focused action to achieve your life or business goals? This could be the very thing to help you make the breakthroughs to achieve your goals much faster than ever before. I promise (with the help of those who join the group) to provide a supportive environment online where we can come when things get tough and get that 'spur into action' that we sometimes need to fight the good fight.

I also offer free seminars on procrastination that anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. I have a goal to support as many people as I can to "Live their Ultimate Life". Everyone who attends the seminar reports a significant shift in their thinking, actions and results. Large corporations have experienced dramatic increases in team commitment and business achievement.

If you’re a business, an individual or young person who wants to tap into more of their potential, refocus, become supremely motivated and stay on track then this meetup space is for you.

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