What we're about

Welcome to our cool Advanced Analytics, Beautifully Engineered meetup! :)

We want to create a unique space where we fuse the best concepts from data science, software engineering and data engineering and have experts share practical advice on how you can apply it in your advanced analytics projects.

By sharing practical and high quality content, we are hoping to connect Australia’s top data scientists and engineers with each other, and share ideas on how to implement meaningful changes within their organisations.

The meetup is organised by QuantumBlack, Australia, a McKinsey company.

Past Events

MLOps: How to develop and sustain AI at scale?

This event has passed

Thinking about causality in ML: Bayesian Networks

This event has passed

Making boats fly with deep reinforcement learning

This event has passed

EthicalAI - Navigating Bias, Fairness and Ethics in Machine Learning

This event has passed