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Sleep – A Bridge To Other Realms? with Dr Gemma Regan Are you afraid of the monster under the bed or the shadow being that watches while you sleep? Ghostly, angelic or demonic visitations, alien abductions and sexual encounters with incubi are most common in the bedroom and can be associated with the phenomena of sleep. Do we connect with other realms while we sleep? Do they reach out to us while we’re in an altered state of consciousness? Dr Gemma Regan, a sleep scientist and paranormal researcher has investigated how sleep and its altered forms of consciousness could be exposing you to the supernatural realms and interprets one of her own Near Death Experiences… About Dr Gemma Regan Ph.D Biological Anthropology, B.Sc.(Hons)Biological Sciences, Grad Diploma EducationScience, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma Parapsychology Gemma is the Host and creator of the weekly live paranormal radio show The Witching Hour on 4ZZZ (102.1FM) which has aired for over five years, interviewing many interesting experiencers and researchers including Graham Hancock, David Icke, David Childress and Erich von Däniken. She is a writer and a cultural arts, theatre and music critic for Limelight magazine and various websites. She has had interviews and shows on TV, podcasts and national radio, is a regular contributor to international magazines and journals and has worked for UFO Research Queensland as the Journal Editor and the Scientific Advisor. Having also worked as a Clinical Sleep Scientist, a Postdoctoral Medical Geneticist and taught Science and Anthropology in High schools and Universities, she prides herself in having an open mind whilst using her rigorous scientific training and multiple personal experiences to investigate unusual phenomena. She is a magical researcher and has had three Near Death Experiences, a miraculous alien healing, alien abductions, time slips at ancient sites and a multitude of paranormal experiences throughout her life. She was named Australia's Most Haunted Woman by New Idea Magazine! Entry: $10 (includes afternoon tea) RSVP essential! Seats are limited so please RSVP to save your place. Venue: Meetings are held at my home in Jindalee, Brisbane. If you haven’t attended a meeting before please contact me for the address. Enquiries & RSVP: Sheryl Gottschall[masked] (phone or text me) Like us on facebook Afterlife Discussions youtube channel


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Afterlife Discussions is for people interested in near death experiencs, out of body experiences, death bed visions, life between life, reincarnation, mediumship, channeling, apparitions, angelic visitations, after death communications, other realities and anything that can shed light on human existence beyond the physical. We explore everything from the metaphysical to modern sciences to understand what happens after death.

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