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This group brings together developers, farmers, and other stakeholders in the Ag industry - to collaboratively look at opportunities and solutions for technology to help make agriculture more productive, profitable and sustainable.

AgTech is defined as the collection of digital technologies that provide the agricultural industry with the tools, data and knowledge to make more informed and timely on-farm decisions
and improve productivity and sustainability.

Modern AgTech sets itself apart from the ongoing historical technological contribution to agriculture because of the speed with which the technology can scale and reach a global market.

Why Agtech?

A value chain exists that encompasses the very first input into production of our food and continues all the way through to the customer. The customer ultimately drives change by providing the demand for various types of food, the source of food, how food is delivered and limitation of wastage. Improved connectedness across each link of this chain will enable farmers to be better able to provide a sufficient and sustainable food supply to meet customers’ needs.

AgTech, biotech, genetech, foodtech, and food ecommerce are all important elements of the integrated value chain. AgTech specifically, though, operates almost exclusively in the initial input and production phases.
The above extracts are from the recent StartupAUS report compiled by KPMG on Agtech is well worth a read. You can grab your copy from the link below.

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