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Algorithmic Art Season 2019 - Algorave

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Algorithmic Art Season 2019 - Algorave


This event is part of the Algorithmic Art Season 2019:


Please note this Algorave is for attendees aged 18+.


Norah Lorway is a pioneer of the fast growing Algorave scene, where music is created directly by code - code that is written live as a performance. The music is not just being performed live, it is also being composed live too!

If you've ever coded, you'll realise how impressive this is.

Enjoy not just the music but the enchanting visuals that are generated from the music too.

Norah will lead on creating a wonderful evening at the Fish Factory, Penryn.

You can read more about the algorave scene:


Limited parking is available in near the studios.

Please book a space for each person taking part.

Suitable for ages 18+ only.

Please be aware that music and flashing visuals may be unsuitable for some participants.


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Commercial Road · Penryn
4 spots left