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Albert Einstein, was one smart vegemite, he once stated ''The greatest pursuit of man is THE UNSEEN! He recognized both the futility and illusion of LOOSING ONE'S-SELF IN MATTER and FORM. He also understood that personally-the greatest profit return was investing his energies in unlocking the mysteries pertaining to the Higher-Self, and Super Consciousness.
Gurdjieff, the great spiritual teacher of the 18th century stated ''THERE ARE DEEP MATTERS OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHICH A DIFFERENT BEING IS REQUIRED. The intellect, the inquiring mind, belief systems, can never ever DECIPHER THE ENCODINGS OF SPIRITUAL TRUTHS, AND SPIRITUAL ENERGIES. Only at a BEING LEVEL can we both grow and comprehend. Such is the crucial need to awake unto remembrance pertaining to the many mysteries of the Higher Self and the Cosmos.

Every Altered State of Consciousness if one has an eye to see at it's fundamental level is all about Self-Realization-Transmutation and Liberation. The practise of ASC is to enhance the observer pertaining to some aspect or degree of the Nature of God/Source-the nature of the Universe that embodies us-and the nature of both our Divine and Human states. Your greatest healing will proceed from the realization of the Divine- because in part, WE ARE FORGOTTEN GOD'S.

Anyone can camp around a belief system, a philosophy, religion, and remain totally unchanged. Ownership of truth can not be attained unless one personally experiences the promise. We are all called to awake to Being! self-improvement and its many doctrines are 10,000 light years apart. Our light bodies incarnate in form and matter, yet we are to know ourselves beyond form. Growth is always at a Being level. False identity is alignment to ego-Correct Identity is always to Being.
You are not your thoughts- You are Awareness! Holistic and Organic in nature. You are the true Star gate! because you are Holographic and Multidimensional in essence, therefore you are neither constrained nor confined to finite reality.

At the level of Absolute truth-you are perfect, you are free and complete. However, at the level of Relative truth you are given the gift of experience and can be more. We live, move, and have our being, in light bodies clothed in form and have the opportunity and potential to experience living fields of unlimited awareness, vast intelligence, and unimaginable energy. What makes one man open to the Cosmos and another totally blind to it's breathtaking beauty and astonishing wisdom.? It is the ability to perceive, comprehend, and know, from various different advantage points, these are the higher subtle energetic states that co-exist within us. You need no prophet, great master, avatar, lord, or learning system of dependence. Why? because at your fundamental level, YOU ARE ETERNAL INFINITE AWARENESS! the question remains how much do you want these inner truths, inner experiences? they all reside inside your inner sphere.

Our Higher Self is like a Grand Palace with many astonishing rooms decorated with many beautiful antiques but few truly venture inside! most people from the cradle to the grave spend their complete lives living on the outer perimeter, the outer veranda, not realizing their penthouse at the Hilton had been booked in their name before they were born.
Come and join our like-minded community of explorers- First hour we break open the head, pertaining to the subject matter. Second hour we have a lounge session an open forum which is very stimulating and informative we can share all sorts of ASC in a encouraging and supportive environment.

Subject matters to be explored are,
Reality frames, entheogens, remote viewing, entropy, vibrational states, energetic templates, beyond the transpersonal, tension of opposites, inner balance, multidimensional systems, first sets, paradoxes, the void, dreams and visions, inner cycles and outward realities are just a few of the themes we will be exploring.

Experience an evolutionary knowledge that produces personal experience, and helps foster multidimensional-multiexistential knowing.

The highest mandate for each sentiment being is the evolution of consciousness. The path trodden is very different from studying the map.

Our meetings entail,

Laser light show,

Guests speakers,

Video consciousness presentations

Sacred music and lighting,

Various musicians and dancers,

Lounge session (open forum).

(No charge)

Friends and family welcome-

Look forward to meeting you
Cheers Pete
M: 0403021183

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