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Human Ancient Origins & Beginnings and the Civilizations before us.

As the creator of the X-Group over 10 years ago, I started developing an extreme interest in our human origins and thus started this spin-off group which slowly came into its own becoming an active group over time due to the growth of interest in this topic. This is a group for those who have a specific interest in ancient human civilizations and human origins. I'm Steven Q, creator and organizer of both this group and the X-Group and my personal website is accessible from this link: http://www.theworldaccordingtostevenq.com/ which specializes on human origins and our ancient beginnings. My latest book "The Atrahasis Deciphered" is also available to read for free on this website.

This group is related to, and the sister group of "The Adelaide Hills X-Group" ( http://www.meetup.com/paranormal-521/ ) which covers (in addition to other related topics) "everything" paranormal and unexplained including UFOs, Ghosts, Aliens and other mysterious and unexplained topics and phenomenon.

The idea is to meet once a month to discuss and investigate various proofs and clues to the origins of humans and explore past civilizations that existed long before and when humans first appeared on this planet. Members of the group are invited to participate in conversations on past alien influence and the manipulation of our DNA that created the original Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens (modern, thinking human), taking clues from ancient writings by the Sumerians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, the Bible and other ancient texts. Writings and investigators discussed include Zacharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, Erich Von Däniken, Lloyd Pye, The Bible and many others.

The intention is to also discuss topics that revolve around Ancient Egypt, Sumer, the Mayan civilization, Ancient Babylon, Bosnian pyramid and other ancient areas or structures. As a group we can recommend and discuss related books, writings and videos on these topics and share our insights, theories and learnings.

Where did humans come from? Who made us and why? Who built those ancient monuments, how, why and when? These are just some of the questions we intend investigating, if you're interesting in just a few of these topics a trip up to the Adelaide Hills once a month could seriously change the way you look at the world :-)

Meetups are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month and we start the evening with the traditional "Meet, Greet & Eat" at around 7:00PM. There's always a table reserved for us in the secluded upstairs lounge near the pokies at the Bridgewater Inn. There's also no pressure on ordering a meal if you don't wish to as the table is booked regardless of whether you decide to dine or not. As we're also a discussion group, some of our members are from other States in Australia or even different countries and they obviously can't attend meetups in person. These are our on-line members and they play an important part in our group as they actively participate in our "Discussion Forums" which are only accessible by our members. At our meetups there's no set agenda or finale for the end of the evening and sometimes conversations by some of us continue way past pumpkin hour :-)

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