What we're about

The Anti-Poverty Network SA, which formed in 2013, is a grassroots community group composed largely of individuals with significant direct lived experience of poverty, unemployment, and interacting with Centrelink and Job Service Providers. Our membership is diverse and includes sole parents, students, Age and Disability Pensioners, job-seekers of various ages and cultural backgrounds, and others. The organisation includes not only former Work For The Dole participants but former Income Management clients as well. We are committed to advocating for the dignity, rights, and well-being of all Centrelink clients, and other low-income people, through a variety of means, particularly through the use of personal stories to highlight the inequities in the employment and welfare systems and to challenge enduring myths and stereotypes that legitimate ineffective and irrational policy decisions. Our aspiration is for those unable to work to receive genuinely adequate income support, for capacity-building and wrap-around services for those needing extra assistance or suffering from crisis. We seek an end to blunt, punitive measures that lack clear evidence of positive outcomes, and for an approach to social policy that recognises the importance of autonomy, and the competence of the vast majority of income support recipients to manage their own

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