What we're about

Armidale Social Sunday Cyclists and other outdoor activities - 1 to 2 Sunday mornings per month, not too early - Core activity will be social cycling in or around Armidale - Also looking to occasionally try short bush walks, fishing, kayaking, 9 holes of golf, paint ball, open gardens, photography, bare foot bowls, abseiling, archery, bush tucker or similar as opportunities become available

Cycling stuff;

to will start with a few regular ride routes, a mix of town and country scenes, about 10- 20km long to start with and hopefully grow from there

all bike styles, and all rider styles welcome (brakes must work, must wear a helmet), o recommended carry backpack or bike bag with some water, snack, jacket, spare tube

o likely to be a mix of slow speed short length, and slow speed medium length rides to start with, if numbers and volunteer leaders emerge its possible we’ll split into separate slow/short and medium/medium ride group. o If you’re completely new to roads and traffic etc please speak with the leader before the ride, some rides may not be suitable for absolute beginners, but we’ll make sure that some of the ride routes are suitable and stay in touch

If you’re new to gears again let the leader know and we’ll go slower until you get up to speed

If your bike has been neglected, go ahead and dust it off, and bring it along a little early on ride days, the organiser and hopefully some other experienced riders, will have pumps, chain lubes etc and can give it some basic love

If you have experience in outdoor activities your involvement to share/mentor new skills will be welcome(organiser is a moderately experienced social cyclist, a fair angler and an ordinary golfer, knows nothing of abseiling)

Activities will be planned to go past, or end at, a coffee shop for a non-optional coffee and muffin where possible

Gold coin to organiser/leader on the day appreciated to cover admin costs. (Some non-cycling activities will have participation costs.)

Be aware that riding and many other of the activities carry risk, you participate at your own risk

Ride safety and etiquette

1. Single or double file will depend on the route and circumstance

2. If in double file and we need to go to single file the rider on the right normally merges behind the rider on the left,

3. We don’t have the skills to slipstream peloton style, so leave a gap (bigger gap if double file)

4. If you have to slow or stop, speak loudly “Slowing!” or “Stopping!” to riders behind you.

5. Communicate hazards (traffic, potholes, posts, glass, etc) – speak up or hand signal - people riding behind might not be able to see the hazard

6. To start with, don’t overtake or swap position while we’re on the move (do try and swap talk buddys at breaks though, after all it’s intended to be a social group). In time swapping position during rides will become ok

7. Set an example of following the road rules, and be nice to pedestrian and drivers, even the unfriendly ones.

Past Events

Ride around Guyra

Guyra Recreation Ground

Short Walk & Picnic at Mt Yarrowyck Nature Reserve

Mt Yarrowyck Nature Reserve

Poker Ride at Uralla

Apex Memorial Park

Ride around Inverell

Victoria Park