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Astral projection is one of the three great spiritual fashions of the last hundred years. The first is "life after death" which had great interest in the 1890's, the second is "astral projection" which became very popular in the 1960's and the most recent one is of course physical access into the higher dimensions of nature, " the 5th dimension" beloved of the new age. This group has been set up as a means of experiencing and exploring the astral realm with some of the techniques which are easily learned. Anyone is welcome to join up and come along for an exciting adventure.

Many people pay a lot of money for well prepared information about "other worldly activities" and there are a plethora of programs available over the internet or ones where people can physically go . Very soon I will be posting up on the group notice board all of the techniques I know that are reputable. Its all simple stuff and it's all available for free. So come and join us and experience a profound journey into the other dimensions of nature science is not interested in, using very well tested and reputable techniques.

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