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Astrology for Self Knowledge
• What we'll do PLEASE BRING PEN AND PAPER TO MAKE NOTES In previous weeks, I was introducing astrology to new participants through discussion of their own birth charts. So, If I saw you were born when (e.g.) the Moon was square to Pluto, I would explain "Moon", "square" and "Pluto" to you either before you came to your first meeting, or at the first meeting you attended. So until recently participants were learning about astrology in something of a piecemeal way; they learned initially what was most relevant to their personality. But now it looks like we have arrived at a "critical mass" of participants, where we can progress to a more formal teaching situation. We are currently learning about the psychological effect of the sun, the moon, and each of the planets. As we progress, we will be learning along the way to dispel quite a few astrological myths, such as: That astrology is the predictive sun-sign rubbish people read in the newspapers; or that astrology says there are 12 kinds of people (whereas in fact your astrological portrait is as unique as your fingerprint); or the idea that astrological theory is in some way antithetical to psychology. (Most internationally-known professional astrologers have degrees in psychology or sociology, or counseling etc.) Another astrological myth is that it has been disproved by science. (That one is REALLY funny. We might eventually look at the work of statistician Suitbert Ertel who has a special interest in astrology.)

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For people interested in self understanding via the lens of Astrology. Come to understand the dynamics between one's self and others, be they one's partner, parents or children, workmates or any other significant relationship. Learn the difference between true astrology and the commonly accepted media version of one dimensional sun sign characterizations and newspaper forecasting, and learn why objections from the scientific community are misinformed. Use the tools of astrology such as the interpretation of transits. Come along with your own enthusiam and enjoy!

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