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Discounted Wednesday Boardgame @ Marché
Bring your games, we are fun loving and love to meet new people, the night is always full of laughs. But what does discounted mean? General cost is $12 with a free drink when you play but for this event, we have negotiated a deal. What's the deal? When you pay, show your Meetup RSVP for the event & spend a minimum of $3.50 for food and/or drink (that's coffee to keep the focus on games!). Can I buy food? Sure you can. Remember the minimum spending is $3.50, don't worry if you forget, we'll remind you. Is that all? Yep, oh well, be friendly, have fun and the usual stuff. See you there.

Marché Board Game Café

63 A'Beckett Street · Melbourne

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A short history of Australia Taiwanese Community慘澹經營的簡短歷史-

14/6/2015 Australia Taiwanese Community MEL was founded in Melbourne by an Aussie lawyer Michael. He travelled & learnt mandarin in Taiwan for 8 months. Our first meetup was Language Exchange of English & mandarin and there’s only 3 participants.創辦人是一個曾到台灣學習過中文和旅行的澳洲律師麥可,第一個活動是只有三人參與的中/英語言交換.

28/6/2016 the first regular event of Australia Taiwanese Community MEL-Weekly Boardgame Night began at Marche Boardgame Café.我們第一個每周固定活動桌游之夜在墨爾本Marche桌游餐廳開始.

8/2017 Australia Taiwanese Community TPE- was started.台北分支開始.

6/5/2018 the first regular event of Australia Taiwanese Community TPE-Monthly Brunch began.台北第一個每月固定活動早午餐開始.

We’re aim to achieve the connections between Australia & Taiwan. Also,to help foreigners who lives in/travel through both countries,and help locals to practicing their mandarin/English. PLS leave messages if you have any questions/enquiry.我們希望能幫到在澳/台的游子/旅人,歡迎留言/毛遂自薦,別害羞.


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