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We meet periodically in Sydney or on-line via Zoom,
for an informative and informal seminar where we think, listen, talk, eat and enjoy fascinating discussions.

Are you ...

* curious about things - want to make sense of the world, searching for better understanding?

* interested in self-improvement?

* concerned about developing clear thinking?

* concerned with critical thinking and seeking to become a more critical thinker?

* wanting to improve communicating skills?

* wanting to improve relationships (at home, in the office, among friend, etc.)?

* wanting a general method to use to make improvements in any area?

* with a philosophical bent... someone who just likes to think about things?

* concerned with our human situation?

Well, our General Semantics meetings may be of interest to you!!

About General Semantics (GS):-
- the study of the structure of symbol systems (particularly language) and how it affects thought and actions.
- how we perceive, construct, evaluate and communicate our life experiences,
- the inter-related effects of language and symbols on our attitudes and behaviours,
- an interdisciplinary system with practical applications for everyday living,
- a methodology of guided awareness to better understand and evaluate our experiences and reactions,
- a point of view that applies a scientific way of thinking to the challenges of everyday problem solving,
- a teachable framework for critical thinking, media literacy and personal responsibility.

General Semantics was the brainchild of Alfred Korzybski, He theorised that the
attitudes and methodologies responsible for advancements in the sciences, and mathematics
could be applied to the daily affairs of individuals, and ultimately cultures. He called this new
field General Semantics and introduced it as a practical, teachable system in his groundbreaking
1933 book,Science and Sanity.

This work is a fundamental building block in many diverse disciplines including RET and NLP.

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"The Brave New World of Aldus Huxley - a Champion of General Semantics"

"The Brave New World of Aldus Huxley -
a Champion of General Semantics"
Saturday 14th August[masked]am Sydney time

Facilitated by Robert James.

Aldus Huxley made many perceptive comments on language and its effects that mirror GS teachings. For example, in his novel "After Many a Summer", Huxley shows that we don't have enough kinds of words to describe nuances of experience by having one of the characters say: "We don't even make the simple Greek distinction between erao and philo, eros and agape. With us everything is just love, whether it's self-sacrificing or possessive, whether it's friendship or lust or homicidal lunacy."

Huxley understood that people often react more strongly to symbols than to actual physical dangers that threaten them; e.g. in his essay "Writers and Readers," he observes that: "The hatred we feel at the sight of our enemies is often less intense than the hatred we feel when we read a curse or an invective."

From a GS perspective, such an overreaction to words might be described as confusing the map with the territory.

When: Saturday 14th August 10am Sydney time.

Where: On-line, by Zoom: Click on the link below to join the meeting.

Cost: Zero, Zilch - it's free!

Contact / Details: Australian General Semantics Society:
web: www.ags.org.au
email: [masked]

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