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2018 NSW AIP Physics in the Pub
Join us as we head down to one of Sydney’s great pubs at The Orient Hotel. Catch up with other physicists and engage in conversation in a relaxed social setting. This is a free event; however, attendees will need to cover the cost of their own food and drinks. Local scientists will give eight-minute presentations about their research, the colourful history of physics and quirky phenomena that pique their interest. FORMAT OF THE EVENING: From outlandish inventions to the charismatic cosmos to graphic life-saving operations, physicists will join us from all over the town. Your MC Your Host Phil Dooley will steer you through standup, demos, songs and poems. Cyntia Franco (Uni of Sydney) is a star builder – she’ll teach you how, and you can take one home to Mum and Dad that’s virtually indistinguishable from a real one. Casey Edwards (Westmead Hospital) is part of a team that’s pioneering surgery on chilled out humans. Literally. Although their patients’ temperatures are so low you’d think they’re dead, the team perform extraordinary operations that save lives – she’ll explain the physics of their techniques. In 2018 we farewelled Stephen Hawking. Retired lecturer Ian Bryce will pay tribute to the work of the wheelchair-bound genius. Ed Simpson (Nuclear@ANU) discussed carbon-dating, polonium-210 and bananas with a customs official. It didn’t go well. Heather Catchpole (Refraction Media) is inspired by the poetic side of physics. Bring your artistic thoughts - she’ll be improvising some poetry on the spot. Playing with shadow puppets is a profession for Jesse Van de Sande (Uni of Sydney) – it helps him visualise the 3D shape of distant galaxies based on their silhouette. Graeme Melville (UNSW) wants to know if 40,000 volts is a lot - sit in the front row to get a great view of his live experiments to find out. Or perhaps don’t… Patent attorney Phil Burns (Wrays) will take us on a tour of inventions such as antigravity machines, patented by physics greats such as Einstein, Tesla and Michael Jackson. Schrodinger’s cat was thought up to show how confusing quantum mechanics is. But now the cat’s got a few words to say, says Phil Dooley (Phil Up on Science) Petr Lebedev (Uni of Sydney) is studying science communication, so he knows what not to do. Or does he? For more information please contact: Dr Phil Dooley ([masked]) or Dr Frederick Osman ([masked])

The Orient Hotel

Cnr George St & Argyle St · The Rocks

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