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Introduction to living BARE with Essential Oils
I am excited to be back running these workshops and appreciate your patience while I find the perfect location for you! There’s an Oil for That! Essential oils can do some amazing things, all from the power of nature. Whether you need help sleeping, want to relax and soothe that headache, or need help recovering from muscle soreness, we’re proud to say, “There’s an oil for that!” What will you do with your oils? There are over 1000 (and counting) uses for Essential Oils! People of all ages and cultures are Essential Oils to Purify their home, Boost energy, Create home remedies, Cleaning products, Baby Care, for Pain Management and even to Lose Weight! Introduction to Living BARE with Essential oils! Everything you wanted to know about Essential Oils but were afraid to ask! There are so many Essential Oils on the market today, and some can do more harm than healing. In this very hands on, fun, introductory workshop you will learn: • A little Essential History • How to Live BARE • How Essential Oils actually work • Essential Oil Safety • How to quickly identify and choose which oils are the best for your family • How to use Essential Oils to gain maximum health benefits • Demonstrate how easily you can live chemical free using BARE Oils Plus, I will be sharing a few of my personal Essential Oil Wellness blends and how to make them You will take away a free sample of BARE organic Essential oils AND you will go into the draw to win a $20 BARE Living Voucher Let Us Help You! Don't just take our word for it! Join us on a journey of discovery, learn the benefits of "Living Bare" and find out for yourself how many cost saving uses you have for Essential Oils in your life! To find out more Come along to our next meetup, or check us out Website: Facebook: If you cannot make it to this event, why not host one of your own? No stress, no fuss, no obligation - simply the love of sharing knowledge PS: Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and you have to bring the kids along. children are welcome

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This group is for anyone interested in learning to harness the power of pure Essential Oils for their personal and family health and well-being.

Working with 100% USDA certified Organic , Australian TGA Approved, Essential Oils, and using the principles of mindfulness, each interactive and fun workshop explores ancient and modern day traditions of using oils for health, beauty, hygiene, emotional and physical well being.

started this group to share my passions for using essential oils and look forward to an ever growing community of BARE Explorers

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