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Join our friendly members (and those of other groups) from all over the world for wonderful online tasting events (- or private tastings, see winetastrs.com. Make friends, exchange stories and learn all about beer, wine, cheese and spirits. We organise everything from informal get-togethers to more structured and educational tasting sessions with expert speakers.

We generally chat in English, but discussion often breaks out in German and French as well. There is usually a slide-show with photos and diagrams to help attendees to improve their language skills and fully understand all the facts and figures.


I look forward to clinking glasses with you!

Cheers, Sean

“Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

Louis Pasteur

Past Events

Bulgarian, Romanian and Moldovan wine-tasting

Needs a location

EUR 30.00
Valencia Wine-Tasting with Vegetarian Paella

Needs a location

EUR 25.00
Banyuls & Collioure: wine, art and joie de vivre

Needs a location

EUR 35.00
World-class Cognac Tasting

Needs a location

EUR 40.00

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