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Be the QUEEN to Call in YOUR KING (7wks: Sun 28 Oct | Tues Eves Nov 13-Dec 18
ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL, SASSY & SORTED - BUT SINGLE, AND DON’T WANT TO BE? ♥ Crave a deeply connected relationship with a quality man who meets you? ♥ Desire to be truly SEEN, appreciated & loved for all you are? ♥ Independent, empowered & successful in other areas of your life but can’t seem to get this relationship thing right? IF YOU'RE DONE WITH THE WORLD OF THROW-AWAY RELATIONSHIPS, OVER MEETING THE WRONG KIND OF MAN & READY TO LEAVE LONG TERM SINGLE BEHIND...THERE IS ANOTHER WAY. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ Be the QUEEN, to CALL IN YOUR KING ★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ SOUNDS GREAT!! HOW DO WE DO THAT? ★ Loving crafted by soulful relationship & dating mentor Michele Peppler using proven leading edge relationship coaching methodologies, coupled with powerful law of attraction principles you will be guided to create a vision for the love you want & create deep healing, transformation, releasing, reclaiming the innate feminine qualities that make us powerfully magnetic to a quality man and what & who to say no to in order to create space for that man. You will also learn how & why men fall in love; invaluable insights into the secret language of men & the feminine masculine interplay; steps for meeting your ideal partner and the principles for creating an extraordinary relationship…that begins with your relationship to YOU. A series of 7 individual modules commencing with a half day ‘Create your vision for love’ foundation workshop on Saturday 1 September 2018 (1.30pm-5.30pm), then weekly on Tuesday evenings from[masked]pm in an intimate group session. ★ DATES & TIMES ★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dates: Sun 28 Oct: 10-2| Tues Eves[masked]: Nov 13, 20, 27 | Dec 4, 11, 18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ WHAT EXACTLY DOES IT MEAN TO BE A QUEEN? ★ This program is about becoming a high value woman that commands & calls in a high value man (Your King) & stops messing around with Knights, Jesters, Jokers & Randy Stablehands...It’s about learning the distinction between a man who is ready to be a King, then how to become the kind of woman THAT man wants to be with. This program is NOT about masking who you are, or teaching you tricks & strategies to snare a man or make you anything you are not. It’s about a deep discovery of truly understanding yourself, what you want in a relationship & why you want it, what a healthy relationship means to you & the kind of man who is YOUR King. ★OVER 7 WEEKS : ★ ♥ Create a vision for the type of relationship, lover or life-partner you desire; ♥ Own, honour & love all the parts of you during a transformational journey of practical advice, experiential activities & grounded theoretical information, sharing & discussion in group dynamic; ♥ Deepen your relationship with self & your ability to connect intimately with others; ♥ Identify blockages, unhealthy patterns, defences & ways of self-sabotage in relationship; ♥ Release old ideas of who you are, what relationships are, what men are & who you are in relationship to make way for something remarkable; ♥ Learn how to make better choices – when and what to say no, yes & ‘I’m not sure yet’ to; ♥ Cultivate self-love, self-nurturing & self-responsibility; ♥ Unleash your goddess through divine feminine embodiment practices; ♥ Embody Authenticity, Joy, Personal Power, Playfulness & the kind of radiant feminine attraction that creates polarity for a man & literally draws him to you; ♥ Cultivate genuine self confidence & personal power that means you don’t need him, rather you choose him because he is worthy of you & deserves your deepest love; ♥ Balance discernment & boundaries, with openness & receptivity; ♥ How to make the right man for you feel like a King; ♥ Activate the universal laws of attraction to support you in calling him in; ♥ Learn the principles of healthy inter-dependant relationship how to complement each other to maintain your individuality AND become a Higher Being as a couple ♥ Understand what makes a quality man decide if you are someone to ‘have fun’ with or wants as his partner. ♥ Discover a deeper understanding of the secret language of men: what they really want, mean, how to speak his language and activate a strong desire for him to want to be with, care for and love you as his Queen. ★WALK AWAY WITH:★ ♥ If you are open & ready join the many graduates of this course who have met their King! ♥ A unique fusion of spiritual principles & practical skills, tools, techniques, healing & visioning work, grounded in relationship coaching methodology, transpersonal & traditional psychology principles ♥ Each week a new module of the beautiful 60 page course manual filled to the brim with invaluable teachings, special insights, recommended readings & viewings, homework activities & provision to capture your innermost thoughts breakthroughs from the night and map your personal journey. ♥ Evolutionary relationship coaching tools, interpersonal skills & resources for continued extraordinary relating ♥ New mindset and methodologies for creating not only your dream relationship but also deeper self relationship ★THE EXPERIENCE INCLUDES:★ ♥ Over 18 hours fully facilitated face to face soul relationship coaching sessions & workshop over 7 weeks including powerful experiential embodiment activities ♥ Intimate group coaching format that will support you, gently call you on your stuff & hold you accountable to the vision for love you want ♥ Workbooks & Individual Handouts each week ♥ Uniquely designed detailed homework activities to confound & embody the weekly lessons ♥ Private online community forum for interim support and sharing ★ PAYMENT OPTIONS ★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ Early $395 | Full $425 | P/P: Deposit $120 + 3 x $125) ★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (PAYMENT PLANS AVAIL) TICKETS:| Meetup (via Paypal) | EFT or Invoice - pls contact Michele EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT: 1st 3 Bookings only $395 (Save $100!) DISCOUNT PAID IN FULL - $425 (Save $70) PAYMENT PLAN - $495 (DEPOSIT ONLY $120 to secure your place (+ 3 x $125 fortnightly instalments) *CREDIT CARD VIA EVENTBRITE or INVOICE ★ Places fill up fast! ★ Venue: Prahran advised on registration. Enquires: [masked] ♥LOVE STORIES FROM QUEENS PAST♥ "When I first contemplated doing this program I thought 'can I afford it? Do I have time? I don’t like group work, oh my life is fine as I have everything else in my life going perfectly just not the relationship.' Seriously! what was I thinking, because I would have paid loads more to experience half the things the program offers. Be the Queen offers so much more than what I thought I was signing up to & yes! I met someone 3 months after the course. We are still going strong, and this time it feels different! Michele invests so much into the group that you can’t help but deep dive into investing into yourself. The momentum that this creates supports each woman to feel empowered towards making long lasting changes. That's right, long lasting, as it’s definitely no bandaid approach. I was single for soooo many years and had a string of choosing the wrong men and things not working out- I could have kept going in this direction but I'm glad that I decided to really invest in myself- cause I am very much worth it! - Sarah Blessing (Name changed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I came on a friend’s recommendation, really wanting to get over my ex & wanting change in love. Though a bit wary of 'coaching' I’d reached a point where I’d done all I could myself and knew I needed outside help. Michele has been A-mazing. Unlike many coaching types, she’s truly ‘been there, done that’ & walks her talk. From the spiritual to the corporate, I knew that she could relate to what was happening for me, so I felt free to share everything. A hundred tiny ‘shifts’ in me later the results have been incredible! This is going to sound like an infomercial, but I’m now engaged to be married! To the most wonderful man! It’s a healthy, happy, easy relationship, and I’m still amazed that in a few short months I've gone from having serious difficulty letting go of a previous relationship to preparing for my wedding in Bali! Michele, thank you with all my heart!" ~ Melissa Foster (Name changed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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What we're about

Why this group exists?

‘Be the Queen’ supports ‘everywoman’ to realize her best self as a woman of high worth by getting real about who she is & owning that (Be the Queen) & creating her life & relationships from this deeper place of truth.

Be the Queen as a business provides workshops, programs & events to support you on your journey to become Queen of your own life: Owning your worth, harnessing your power as a woman & living your truth; Calling in your people (soul-family, friends & community); Your King (Life-partner); Creating your Queendom (meaningful life aligned with your soul-ideals), and leading with love (sharing your gifts & making a difference for the people in your world through what you have learned becoming Queen).

A Woman who is Queen..

· Creates her Queendom from scratch drawing from her inner knowing she is a Queen even when mistreated or not recognised;

· Is High Worth & has learned to love herself in such a way that she seldom forgets,

· Kind, compassionate & fair, but not a people pleaser,

· Strong, sexy, poised, feminine - and knows how to harness her feminine power,

· Connected to the natural world,

She is a woman who..

· Walks her true path with courage even when sometimes her legs shake & she doubts herself as Queen

· Calls in her people, that chose & revere her as their Queen (special in their eyes)

· Calls in the ‘good’ constructive, productive, protective masculine to support her quest

· Listens to wise counsel (she knows she can't do this all alone) then makes her own decisions & stands by them

· Leads with love; Stands FOR humanity & serves her people;

· Walks WITH her people whilst leading them in her own way, sharing her gifts in a way that benefits & supports them.

· Takes a KING worthy of her, who cherishes & adores her as his Queen, (as she respects & appreciates him). Both King & Queen in their own right, when they come together with shared values & life vision they co-create incredible things.


Being a Queen isn't about better than. Every woman is incredible in her own right!

It's not about being what you're not, concerning yourself with social ideals, norms or other people's opinion.
It's simply about connecting to that part of you & celebrating & supporting your sisters to each 'own' their quintessential crown.

We can all be Queens of our own lives & this group is about supporting each other.

My vision is to inspire, teach & support women to connect with their Queen, empowering them to realise their personal power, purpose and potential. After spending years as a Lingerie Stylist, Events & Relationship Manager, and now as a Transformative Coach & Facilitator & Good Friend to many many (beautiful, successful, smart, sexy, gifted, talented) absolutely amazes me how many I have met who (secretly) feel disempowered, imperfect, unsure of themselves, and basically 'less than!'

Well let me tell you right now “YOU ARE AMAZING!” Seriously! And I am committed to you getting that!

A little about me (aka The Barefoot Queen)

I'm a down to earth, real, raw soul-centric dating, relationships & lifestyle coach, writer, mentor & facilitator.

I help women connect to themselves & their deeper life purpose; attract soul-aligned friends, partners & community; create soul nourishing lives, thriving relationships & meaningful day to day living.

Ex corporate & spirit savvy, one of my key differentiators is balancing the woo-woo with inspired practical action & application.

A guide, coach, mentor, sister, business advisor & friend, I'm a writer, facilitator, speaker, heart-centred business woman & soul-driven entrepreneur. Whatever that relationship is for you I'm here to empower others to lead their best lives & to connect with each other again.

For over a decade I have been exploring transformational studies of mind, body and spirit through Multidimensional Healing, Creative Therapies, Spiritual Dance, Transformative Life Coaching, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Authentic Relating, Subconscious Reprogramming, Consciousness, and various Energy Balancing modalities such as Reiki and Kinesiology. All which have taught me how to 'get out of my own way'; lose the 'stuff' (technical term for all that disempowering self-talk, limiting beliefs, emotional states or behavioural patterns that hold us back) and to celebrate my own Queen ...and it's an awesome place to be! I absolutely love my life, who I am and what I do – and I work every day helping others to do the same.

Why would you want to join this group?

I provide fun, exciting exploratory experiences in a safe, nurturing space, that will inspire and educate you to transform your reality, raise your vibration and expand your realm of what is possible for your life. Ultimately this group will help you find and live your truth, achieve your dreams/goals and live a joyful, fulfilled life. Please know that Be the Queen is a business so there is a monetary investment for most events, however sometimes there are free taster or intro workshops too!

Samples of Current Offerings

Be the Queen - Know Your Worth as a High Value Woman
A 3 month private mentorship to develop a loving, empowered partnership for the most important relationship in your life - the one with YOURSELF. Via a future focussed coaching framework, I combine transpersonal & traditional psychology, psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis, subconscious re-pattering, intuitive counselling, cognitive behaviour & narrative therapy, mindfulness and above all self empowerment, to know your worth, work towards personal goals & create tangible changes in your life and love yourself first.

Be the Queen, to Call in Your King - a 7 module shared or private program for single awakening women ready to transform their love life and call in soul-mate love by knowing her value, removing blockages to love, activating her feminine allure & powers of attraction, understanding the secret language of men & ultimately becoming the kind of woman who is ready for and attracts her King.

Calling in Your People - Transform your ability to attract the kind of like-minded soul-mate relationships (friendships, collaborators, lovers, partners) you want in your life. This is not simply a 'meet & greet' workshop, and focuses on the deeper methodology of teaching you who you really are, who your soul-tribe are, your role in relating, law of attraction principles & practical tips to learn exactly how to call them in to your life.

The Queen's Collective - a monthly like-minded connector workshop designed to drop you into your heart & out of your head & connect from this place with like-minded others for friendship, soul-aligned business or other co-creative partnerships and collaborations (mixed gender event)

I welcome you all to be part of this journey and totally transform who you are for yourself by attending any or all :-). Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have or to find out next course dates.

With love, truth & freedom

Michele xxx

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