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The group covers the application of data science and analytics in project management. With focus on enablers to acquiring data using technologies as IoT and building information modelling BIM.
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Introduction to Power BI and eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

This month we have two very interesting sessions. Session 1: An introduction to business analytics with Microsoft Power BI Flavio Meneses Power BI is a leading business analytics software from Microsoft, that allows the end user to quickly create Dashboards and visualisations by automating the data preparation and calculations. This allows fast insights from big data, taking advantage of advanced AI features. Power BI gives users in any organization "self-service" BI (Business Intelligence), making reporting exponentially quicker and eliminating error prone and manual data manipulations." Flavio is a Commercial Manager for Arup, specializing on project performance management with focus on budget reporting and work package financial analysis. He implements Business Intelligence systems to report on project specific KPI’s and give leadership timely insight to make informed decisions. Flavio advocates a digital approach to Project Controls to automate existing processes and eliminate inefficient, manual tasks. He aims to improve existing reporting from static, disconnected entities to digitalized data on the cloud, accessible through interactive, user-friendly reports, through tools like Microsoft Power BI. Session 2: eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Julian Hatwell Organisational leaders have viewed Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a way to gain competitive edge until recently. However, this is fast becoming a question of survival in a rapidly automating market. At the same time, we are all too aware of the “computer says no” effect; not just a customer service disaster but, increasingly, an issue for compliance under GDPR, FCA and similar statutory/regulatory concerns. There is a moral, ethical and legal imperative to justify and defend our critical decisions, which becomes a challenge when these decisions are increasingly being made by black box algorithms. This session will be a discussion on how we can to respond to these concerns. Julian’s career spans around 15 years’ experience with enterprise and management information systems in the “for-profit” education sector. He has an MSc in Business Intelligence (Distinction) from Birmingham City University where he is currently in full-time research to PhD: “Designing Explanation Systems for Decision Forests.” Drinks and sandwiches will be provided by LogiKal.

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Capital Projects Data Acquisition Using BIM 5D

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