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It is like the movie “Matrix” where you know there is something out there (Bitcoins/Cryptocurrencies) but you just don’t know what it is. You are searching for answers:

- What are Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins & Altcoins?
- Why the world needs Bitcoins?
- How do I buy, withdraw, spend and make $$$ from Bitcoins?
- Am I too late or still good opportunity to make $$$?
- What are the risks and what could potentially kill Bitcoins?
- What are sales people NOT telling me about Bitcoin?

We are here to offer you the RED pill, to tell you nothing but the TRUTH so you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes!! :-)

The truth is whether you know the answers or not, the Cryptocurrency TSUNAMI will continue to grow, with or without you! Check out the growth of total Cryptocurrency market capital since 2015:

- Jan 2015: $5 Billion USD
- Jan 2016: $7 Billion USD
- Jan 2017: $17 Billion USD
- Jan 2018: $825 Billion USD




We will help you:

1) Get all your fundamental Crypto currency questions above answered

2) Six ways to earn money via Bitcoins

3) Find out the best platform to get into Bitcoin game based on your risk appetite and financial situation

4) Tax implications

5) Register your own Bitcoin wallet and buy your first Bitcoin!!

6)Download apps to monitor your Crypto portfolio and where to get reliable information / tips


For those who wanna take the RED pill and truly wake up from the “Matrix (ie Rat Race)”, you can stay on and learn:

7) How to build passive income from Bitcoins
8) How to earn Bitcoins without putting in capital
9) Access to a special FB community to get tips on altcoins and ICOs.
10) BONUS: How to TRIPLE your reward points by combining the real world and the Crypto world to get more free gifts!!! :-D

Why should you listen to us?

Our guest speaker is a successful Corporate Banker who worked in NAB, SMBC & CBA for nearly 20 years. His wealth of experience is spread across segments such as Corporate Banking, Syndication, Debt Capital Market and Financial Institutions.

Please DO NOT join us if you are one of the following:

- Closed minded
- Not interest to earn extra $$$ or change your life
- Business rep from Cryptocurrencies platforms
- Secret government agency who is here to shut down Bitcoins :-p

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