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Technology is disrupting every industry. As a small business, we understand that small business owners know their industries often better than most.

This meet-up is about how you as a small business owner can drive or be part of the disruption in your industry as opposed to being the victims of the change and disruption of industry.

Bizruption (http://netstripes.com/bizruption/) is not just an idea it is a practice. It is a gathering of like minds that sense the massive surge of change now taking place is theirs for the taking.

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Bizruption from Bizruptors (attendees):


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· Established small businesses who want to grow their business to the next level and achieve its full potential through innovation.

· Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to build their dream business and keen to avoid the pitfalls at start up.

· Tech start-ups

· Established professionals or businesses that appreciate good strategy and want to transform to medium size business.

The event has been very popular in Sydney and has been attended by 100s of like-minded small business owners, key influencers and other VIPs.

Following were the special guests among the other VIPs:

• Kate Carnell AO, Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

• Robyn Hobbs - NSW Small Business Commissioner

• The Hon. John Barilaro - NSW Minister for Small Business

• The Hon. Kelly O'Dwyer - Federal Minister for Small Business

Following were the speakers for the event:

• Thomas Clement - CEO, Flatmates

• Christopher The - Founder, the Black Star Pastry

• Andrew Maloney - CEO, Student Services

• Jill Storey - Director, Ready Fund Go

At Bizruption you will meet and connect with like-minded small business owners and technologists, share innovative ideas and even discuss the many obstacles we face.

The event will include:

• Soapbox to present yourself and business in 30 seconds (come ready to shine)

• Success story from profiled Entrepreneur

• 10 minutes Disruption in Industry

• A thought leadership session to get the juices flowing

• 10 Minutes Networking and much more

The event is organised by NetStripes



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