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This is a group for anyone interested in how to use Blockchain and build a blockchain/Dapps application

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It is a space to share about Blockchain development. We are blockchain enthusiasts and get together to run this meetup on regular basis. Our mission is to build a blockchain developer community, to share the correct knowledge of blockchain , to train more blockchain developer and bring about positive change for everyone and a vast experience in business.

Telegram group for developer: http://bit.ly/2GcnE9x
Telegram group for business : https://bit.ly/2on9JmN
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/140517386608407
Medium : https://medium.com/singapore-blockchain-dapps
Meetup github : https://github.com/EtherSingapore/talks
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9Y3p-EeNM1ceQFFspU1JA

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Our Dapps for demo : http://www.kennethhu.net/example/ethereum/index.html (http://www.kennethhu.net/example/ethereum/index.html)

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Security - DApps Dev Club - Session #07

BitTemple Singapore Blockchain Space

We'll be running a session on security next week on Tuesday evening, and it will be our seventh session! The difficulty level will be kicked down a notch from the previous two sessions, to make it on par with what we did in sessions #03 (talking to Ethereum) and #04 (Solidity) - so if you found the previous session too hard, fret not! 😅 🎟 Tickets: https://dappsdev-s01e07.eventbrite.com 🎓 Topics: - Security training games - Modules and libraries - Analysis tools - Smart contract auditing 🌐 Where to find out more: - Summary of our previous session: https://dappsdev.org/blog/2019-05-16-dapps-dev-club-6th-session-roundup/ - Videos from our previous session: https://dappsdev.org/blog/2019-05-17-dapps-dev-club-6th-session-videos/ - Our chat room: https://bit.do/dadc-chat 🎒 What to bring: - Laptop - Photo ID -- About DApps Dev Club -- ℹ Our website is the nexus for everything: https://dappsdev.org/ 💬 Join us in our chat group: https://bit.do/dadc-chat 📅 We run sessions twice per month: https://dappsdev.org/sessions/ 🤘 Join us online, in person, or both! -- Our Partners -- - Lifelong Learning Institute + SkillsFutureSG - Chainstack + Acronis - BitTemple - NBC'19 - Engineers.SG - Spartan Group - StartupToken - Blockchain&DApps

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The sixth session for the DApps Dev Club!

Chainstack @Acronis

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