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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
A towering philosophical novel that is the summation of her Objectivist philosophy, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is the saga of the enigmatic John Galt, and his ambitious plan to 'stop the motor of the world', published in Penguin Modern Classics. Opening with the enigmatic question 'Who is John Galt?', Atlas Shrugged envisions a world where the 'men of talent' - the great innovators, producers and creators - have mysteriously disappeared. With the US economy now faltering, businesswoman Dagny Taggart is struggling to get the transcontinental railroad up and running. For her John Galt is the enemy, but as she will learn, nothing in this situation is quite as it seems. Hugely influential and grand in scope, this story of a man who stopped the motor of the world expounds Rand's controversial philosophy of Objectivism, which champions competition, creativity and human greatness. Ayn Rand [masked]), born Alisa Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia, emigrated to America with her family in January 1926, never to return to her native land. Her novel The Fountainhead was published in 1943 and eventually became a bestseller. Still occasionally working as a screenwriter, Rand moved to New York City in 1951 and published Atlas Shrugged in 1957. Her novels espoused what came to be called Objectivism, a philosophy that champions capitalism and the pre-eminence of the individual.

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Are you unable to walk by a bookshop without going inside? Do you appreciate non-linear, difficult, inaccessible, downright frustrating literature that your friends have never heard of? Do your biceps bulge from carrying around 1000+pg tomes on public transport/beach holidays/family get-togethers? Are the walls of your house or favourite room lined and heaving with books read and unread?

If you answered "yes, that's me!" to one or more of these, you're likely a booksnob. And that's OK. So are we.

Come along to one of our meetups where we discuss unique and interesting books! We aim to be as pleasant and democratic about things as possible while sticking to the core tenets of booksnobbism, which are as follows:

- There are no maximum page limits. Big Big Books are very welcome.

- The book must be unique in some way. Does it fiddle with language in an interesting way? Is it labyrinthine in its plotting? Was it ahead of its time somehow? Is it undeservedly buried and unappreciated?

- Does the average 13 year old own it as an audiobook on their i-thingy? If not, great!

And that's it. Just join up if you like beer/wine/coffee/conversation and books.

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