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Open House Bendigo
The very first Open House Bendigo Weekend will take place on the 27th and 28th of October 2018. The two-day weekend will see a series of private homes, commercial and civic buildings open their doors for viewing. You can make your way there by either heading up the Calder in your 'Motah' or ride there on a V-Line rattle and roller. I'm not intending to arrange accommodation or transport for this event but l'm more than happy to show fellow travelling adventurers around what l consider one of Victoria's finest regional cities. You can discover more about what's on offer by clicking on the following link :-

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What We All About

The Boomers Club is for people who believe the best is still to come: travel, food, social events and activities. Get out and about, have more fun, available to the public and members. Live music, dances, events, activities and much much more .......

According to modern research face to face social engagement, especially group conversation, is the best exercise for the most important of our muscles; the brain. As the old saying goes, if you don't use it you lose it. Doing a crossword or Sudoku each day will just make us better at the puzzle and does little to keep our brains in good working order.

Our Solutions

The Club will provide a variety of events and occasions , with members help and input we should be able to provide a variety to satisfy most interests and price brackets including FREE activities.

Most of our social events managed through our Meetup site. But there are many more facets to the the Club, all aimed to improve the lives of the Boomer Generation. See here ( for six great reasons to join the Boomers Club.


The Administration of the club and the delivery of all the other benefits we provide, are funded by very reasonable membership fees starting at only $5.75 per month for singles. And to more than offset these fees members have access to Boomers Savings which offers incredible discounts on everyday item purchases as well as Boomers Travel deals which are often hard to believe. Becoming a Member gives you full access to the club's wide ranging benefits, plus our regular newsletter. We're interested in Boomers doing things to help themselves and others. If you're are Boomer and you're not done yet, join the club here (

Help Us

We are just starting off and none of the above can be achieved without a substantial membership base. So the first way you can help is to join the club, even if you are under 50 or don't feel you will benefit from Boomers Club social solutions your membership will help us help others.

Another way you can help is by taking an active interest in aiding the club to provide social activities for over fifties in your area. It would be great if you could help the club help others.

Just enter your details on our "contact us (" form and comment "I would like to help" and we will be in touch.


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We're Boomers and we are not done yet!

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