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Lets be Horrible People together
Saturday Horribles! Same requirement for minimum spend, a drink from the bar is all really, but if you want lunch, that is on offer too. Meet there at 1, start the game around 1.30 and go on from there If you can't get there on time, you can join in anytime, so long as its not too late there is always the chance to win some black cards! Gold coin standard donation to cover costs of the group. Once the initial outlay is covered, I will get some more expansion packs

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Looking for some Horrible Humans to play Cards Against Humanity with on a regular basis? How about meeting new friends for a game and a meal and having a laugh along the way. If you haven't played but want to, come along. We will teach you to be horrible along with us. Its a great game, lots of fun, bit rude, bit crude. Be warned, it is NOT politically correct in the slightest, it is all about fun and laughter though.

The venue is The Boundary Hotel in West End. We have been using the Lookout, which is a private room, depending on numbers at a meetup, expansion from one game is a possibility.

We are booked for the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Saturday each month, the meetups will be posted for RSVPs after the previous matching day event.

Boring money stuff: There is a minimum spend requirement for the room, it works out to be about $4 per person, so basically a soft drink each. A meal isn't required, but we will be making sure we have time to order and eat in there somewhere, great time for a chat as well though.

Apart from the meal and drinks, a gold coin donation would be appreciated as Meetup is not a free site. I am the only admin at this time of this group, so have paid the start up costs.

Look forward to meeting everyone, and remember, its all about having horrible fun!

14/04/2016 update! Have just purchased expansion packs 4, 5 and 6. Hopefully they arrive before the next game!

I have been looking around here on the Meetup site at other CAH groups, and found one that has a tournament, and I'm thinking that we need to do this later in the year. I have been keeping the scores from each game and we can use that to get stats.. If anyone has any thoughts, let me know. We have an expansion pack as one prize so far, will look into finding more CAH themed things for prizes etc.

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