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Hi all,

Adrian here, I am a ICF PCC and Member of the EMCC. The ICF International Coaching Federation is the World Largest and leading coaching body. EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council is the main body for the EU.

Coaching in Australia worldwide is not very regulated and ANYONE can call themselves a coach/mentor/trainer/motivational speaker. Being accredited by ICF or EMCC though is another case. We encourage coaches to step up and aim towards accreditation however it is not a must to be here. You are here because you take coaching seriously, continually develop your skills and collaborate with other professional coaches.

I'm going to propose that any coach with more than 10 years experience & a ICF or EMCC Accreditation can use this group to start/share an event related to coaching or personal development. I want to keep it less business, more sharing.

All Life, Executive, Relationship, NLP, Mindset like Coaches are MOST welcome to join. If you like to start an event just let me know.

(I personally run a big group in Shanghai China, and am collaborating with coaches in many cities)

Thank you and have a great day!

Warm Anchors,



Upcoming events (4+)

NLP and Money

Online event

Most people do not choose to have an entrepreneur, investor, saver, spender mindset. It just kinda happened!!!

But what if we were able to easily and quickly find the roots of your financial mindset? The roots that ultimately lead to abundance or scarcity with wealth?

On the 23rd of January, 2022, you are all invited to join NLP Coach and Trainer Adrian and NLP Coach Darko for a FREE webinar as we talk about “NLP and Money” and explore the roots of your financial mindset as we continue to make this year 2022 better than last year!

For about 60 minutes;
1. Expect to dive deep, share vulnerably and gain deep insight opening new possibilities and awareness with regards to financial mindset.
2. Learn new awareness that will then lead you to options. Options to keep, change, forgive, or perhaps lead you to start reprogramming yourself more consciously.
3. Although we are clearly talking about financial beliefs, the processes we use in this session can be repeated to help you learn deeper and get so much more abundance in every area of life if you choose.

January 23, 2022 (Sunday), 1.5 Hour
6:30 PM GMT+8 China
8:30 PM GMT+10 Brisbane
5:30 AM GMT-5 New York
11:30 PM GMT+1 Barcelona

To join, scan the QR code on the flyer or click this link to register and join our live discussion for FREE: https://adriancahill.agilecrm.com/forms/5962351644311552

Zoom Meeting Room Details.
Link: https://zoom.us/j/86301571361
Password: #motivate

NLP Coach & NLP Business Practitioner Brief & Introductory Call.

Gday, Adrian here. Apologies I don't do much in Australia but I wanted to share this unique training opportunity with you all.

Have you ever aspired to become an empowered and influential social figure with a deep understanding of how to help other people find meaning, direction and fulfil their fullest potential in life?

I organized a ICF accredited NLP COACH & NLP FOR BUSINESS COURSE in Bali early this year. Currently I am running online NLP Practitioner and MASTERY IN COACHING online training. This will be repeated later in the year as well so if you can't make this one, you can come to another.

Have you ever wanted to learn the Transformational Life Coaching or NLP Coaching processes that evoke rapid change. Or perhaps become a highly skilled, certified Coach.

Today, anyone can buy a certification online for as little as $19.95 however almost anyone with time in the industry knows that the golden standard is ICF International Coaching Federation approved courses. These courses often sell from $8,000, a long way from $19.95 which makes a clear difference between those that have 'skin in the game' or committment. And those just giving it a crack.

We have fully revised what is commonly taught in both ICF & non-ICF courses and have a brand new way to approach coaching and coach training. We have come up with a new course with a very new form of delivery. Rather than 1 teacher, we have few experienced coaches and trainers. Including highly regarded ICF, NLP, Hypnosis experts from different nations coming together for UNFORGETTABLE learning experiences.

This is not for those wanting a quick fix. Not for those wanting a $19.95 certification. Not for any kind of get rich quick wannabees.
What you will learn at our training:

You will learn practical coaching processes that you can use in your life, career and relationships, or, with other people that you know right away.

Throughout this training, you will learn how to break through other people's limiting and self-defeating beliefs to help them live a more empowered and successful life.

Discover how to establish healthy relationship boundaries with clients and create an environment that's conducive to enabling them to define and fulfil their goals.

Understand how to positively influence how other people think, feel and behave when pursuing their goals and objectives.

On completion of this training, you will understand how to identify the core values that motivate people to do the things they do in life.

You will be shown how to carry out coaching sessions and also be provided with a process for structuring your sessions with others.

You will discover how the mind processes day-to-day experiences and transforms your interpretation of them into memories, fears, frustrations, passions, actions and outcomes.

Discover how to become far more self-aware in the way that you communicate and interact with people (alongside the psychology behind these communication patterns).

This comprehensive training course comes with countless professionally produced coaching resources, and material which will enable you to start coaching people immediatelly before even finishing your course.

PLUS: On completion of the course, there is a continuation program offered where you can meet with other course participants around the world.

Get UnstUck with Coaching Private intimate. Free but high value session.

We help professionals that are unfulfilled with where their life is going when they are at the critical or perhaps scary turning points in their life.
Common thread, you are unsatisfied, want more, need big change. Often lacking the support or resources to make it happen.
The signs are procrastination, mild depression, self sabotage, and a big lack of clarity. We help you change.

This session is a 1 to 1 private virtual session for you.
To begin, you can talk discreetly about your wants, needs and questions. From there you will be guided through some simple questions than to your complementary One to One private session.
Here we will lead a conversation to clarify 'Whats really important to YOU'. This conversation alone is very valuable. It's amazing how much people like just this part. Then we will find out whats stopping you from having it. Then depending on time we may get to speak about some solutions or ways forward. You may get time to talk about EQ Emotional Intelligence, SQ Social Intelligence, LQ Leadership Intelligence.

ALL Sessions are:
Via Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat/Zoom
1 to 1, private & confidential
Complementary (Cost is $0) for the first 2 who RSPV
This is strictly for new clients that haven't worked with us before.

Who's hosting?
Adrian (Lead Coach - PCC) & Darko (Assistant Coach and Organiser)

NLP Practitioner 2021



Hi there, you are very lucky. If you're interested in growing yourself, or your skills as a human being, we have some incredible training available for you in ways never seen before here in Brisbane.

This is going to save you a lot of time and you're going to be able to do this far more easily than those before you.

Normally the options to do NLP is either online or fly to Sydney/Melbourne. But now, you can do it here.

Better still, instead of trying to do it all in one hit and forgetting much of it, we do weekly sessions so you can implement and allow your brain to do its magic better. We do this late on Wednesday nights so you learn and get some uninterrupted time to develop yourself. This is going to fit into your calendar with ease.

What is NLP:

'Neuro Linguistic Programming' was discovered in the 70's and is still being developed. So so so much training, personal development, leadership development, coaching, is done utilizing much of what the NLP people discovered in the 70's. Chances are, you've been exposed to it, without even knowing.

NLP empowers, enables and teaches us to better understand the way our brain (neuro) responds to the words and world around us. Much like a computer, we use a language (linguistic) to code it all. Then we consciously and unconsciously have repetition and preferences (programming).

NLP has been defined as the “users manual for your mind” or "The users manual for minds". Studying NLP gives us insights into how our thinking patterns can affect every aspect of our lives.

NLP gives us strategies for observing human behaviour in ANYONE and replicating or modifying the strategies. Essential for becoming excellent at ANYTHING. Sadly, every mega-corporation in the world already studied NLP, hired NLP consultants and are still doing it but to benefit their profit margins not you. They are using it to sell our kids 'Happy Meals', or 'a Mars a day, helps you work, rest and play'. If you think Coca Cola or a beer is refreshing you've had your brain programmed. Thankfully, we can modify that!

Personally, I was always curious why so many people buy books on making money, lottery tickets or gambled yet so few became financially free. Curious why so many people wanted to be fitter, or healthier but struggled. And at one point, I went from a long term relationship to single and friendless and got transferred to Brisbane. I was an emotional wreck, afraid to talk to the opposite sex or even make friends in a new city. Yet NLP changed ALL this. It made everything possible. It also enables me, to support those I care about in new ways.

Do you really want to be someone that can get struck with fear, anxiety, self-sabotage, procrastination?

No. Let's educate ourselves and take control.

The Next Course & The Offer Today:
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