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Carina - Panchos Pizza - Dinner
No host and no event fee. Booked for 6 people.

Panchos Pizza

401 Stanley Rd, Carina · Brisbane


What we're about

Brisbane Eastside Weekend Meetup (

A weekend or public holiday, meet up, to make new friendships on the East Side. The events will be mainly at East Side and C.B.D. cafes, restaurants. We often go to places where there is a range of food price options, from counter/cabinet food, blackboard specials, to ordering from a menu. Some people like to share. If we are having brunch or lunch, you are welcome to come for coffee. The table will be booked in my name for this Meetup group. Adults only, singles and couples welcome. Please do not come to meets if you have a cold or flu, members have said this can cause problems. This is a social group, not a business networking group. I recommend the Meetup app for your mobile, your RSVP can be edited and it links to google maps, which makes it easy to get to our events. On the day, please check your emails for updates and please keep your RSVP status up to date, (your attendance history is displayed on your profile and may affect you being accepted into groups). Best link to view upcoming events ( Save to favourites or copy and paste to your desktop.

Please keep me up to date re your post code. Venue suggestions are welcome, just email me. Bring a friend, just alter your RSVP. We are are a very friendly group, usually chat for a couple of hours and we are looking forward to meeting you :)

Policy on late arrival

We believe it is nice to eat together so we will wait 10 mins before ordering and we feel it is inappropriate to regularly arrive when everyone has finished their meal. Please try to be on time. Parking suggestions will be on the event page. If you are unsure where to park ring the cafe/restaurant for advice.

Your profile

We have a requirement that your profile shows your first name and a portrait photo so we can recognise you at events. We also require our members to actually attend (we are not a facebook page), so If your profile has been deemed to be inactive and deleted, you are welcome to come back and apply to join again anytime, but there may be a waiting list.

Emails from the Meetup website and App

Private emails can be sent via a message on a person's profile, including mine but messages placed on an event are public. I can be contacted via the app on the day of an event.

Meetup fee and paying for your food

Meetup fee per person (including guests) is currently $1 cash (not Paypal)or fee as stated for each meet to cover Meetup Organizer Subscription monthly fees, discrepancies when paying the food bill and any other expenses. We are a non profit group - see Money Summary. Please try to pay me when you arrive thank you. If event states one bill, please bring cash.

Organizer Subscription

We are currently on the unlimited membership plan and pay 6 monthly US$89.94 (approx $124Au), which works out to be US$14.99 (approx $21Au) per month.

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