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B Comedy Movie Night: Nudist Colony Of The Dead The Musical & Dead Man On Campus
Wow just wow. Nudist colony of the dead the musical..... really this exists and actually has some great music. It's not too revealing. I found this movie on the back of a ute in amongst a bunch of VHS tapes in Miles (5 hours West) when I wasn't into bad movies. It was an ex-rental from Cunnamulla and only $1 and I just had to have it. To substitute the bad we will just be playing a good MTV movie for the second film. Dead man on campus is a hilerious comedy. If you have seen the comedies I play then you know I'm pretty picky and only play the best. This is an all time fav and is a great movie about trying to move in a crazy flatmate who will commit suicide in order to pass college exams. I could watch this 100 times and want to watch it right now just typing about it. Wow. A great night of singing, shock and comedy. Try and turn up early from 6:30pm for the 7pm movie start. My entertainment room has 3 large couches, extra chairs, a large screen with a sound system, a newly renovated bathroom and a fridge and kitchen for those who want to bring food and drink (alcoholic and non). I will have tea and coffee available and there will be an ashtray outside for smokers. Spots are limited to 16 people. Members can RSVP up to two guests. The night is free but perhaps consider bringing snacks to share to help foster a positive community. Due to the limited spots RSVP only if you are 100% guaranteed to come. You can park along Dart Street. My place will usually have the white work vans parked out the front to help you work out which house I am. Please come down the driveway to the side door (follow the sign) to make things easier. The Auchenflower train station is a 5-10 minute walk and buses stop at the shops on Milton Road (then just walk up Munro Street).

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This is a group for people who love bad movies looking to get together for bad movie nights and have a laugh.

You now need approval to join. I'm only looking for people who are keen to come along and actually like bad movies.

Multiple no shows will be flagged using the new Meetup system so make sure you change your RSVP.

Movies that are under-rated, low-budget B-Grade films that surprisingly kick-ass (e.g Santa's Slay, Stone Cold, Riki-Oh) or movies so bad they're good with mistakes, plot fails, terrible editing, horrible acting, weird & outrageous concepts and just all round failing that they have become unintentional comedies. Such movies include: The Room, Troll 2, Elves, Birdemic, Samurai Cop, Miami Connection, Hot Ticket to Hawaii and all Neil Breen films.

Join the Facebook group as well to keep up-to-date with Meetup activities, but to also chat with other members, share info and media about good bad movies and to help build a positive community (

At the moment we are hosting a monthly bad movie night in my entertainment room (Suburb Auchenflower 4066) with about 6-16 guests held every 3rd Friday of the month. There are also additional bad movie nights held about once every month. I have 3 large couches, extra chairs, a large screen with a sound system, a newly renovated bathroom and a fridge and kitchen for those who want to bring food and drink. There is tea and really good coffee available and there is an ashtray outside for smokers. Each bad movie night will begin at 6:30pm (1st movie starts at 7pm) and will consist of 2 movies which I will make known before each Meetup.

I already have a good collection of bad movies and I will take requests, track down films and have voting for the next Meetups movies. I own an all-region DVD/Blu-ray player which can also play digital movies, as well as a VHS player (if needed). If you own a movie or would like a movie shown then send me a message and I will look into it. Sometimes I have members host their very own movie night at my place to get a different mix of movies and tone. Members are welcome to become leaders and host their own events as well.

Due to the small number of spots available only RSVP if you are 100% guaranteed to turn up. Aim to arrive at 6:30pm to meet and greet and get settled for the movie start time. Bring along drinks (alcoholic or non) and snacks if you want as well as a positive attitude. You can also RSVP guests and bring a friend or date.

I vent all of the movies prior to ensure they are not just boring. These are bad movies and will not be everyone's cup of tea. Check out review channels such as Good Bad Flicks, Red Letter Media and Fanboy Flicks on YouTube for an idea of the type of films we will be viewing. Bad movie night is free but perhaps consider bringing snacks to share. This Meetup is a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere with others who enjoy a good bad film.

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