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Elasticsearch - Russ Cam Elasticsearch is a real-time, distributed, scalable and highly available search and analytics engine used by thousands of companies worldwide for a multitude of use cases, including search, logging, time-series metrics, data exploration, analytics and SIEM solutions. In this talk, we'll get up and running with Elasticsearch from a .NET perspective, exploring its search and analytics capabilities through a bunch of different data sets. Together, we'll find the answers you're looking for and hopefully you come away with new ideas and ways to splice and dice your own data! About Russ Cam Russ Cam is a Senior Software Engineer for Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. Within Elastic, he's part of the Microsoft team that looks after all things Microsoft related, including the Elasticsearch .NET clients, Windows and Azure integrations. He has a keen interest in distributed systems, cloud computing and software design, patterns and practices, and enjoys contributing to open source projects, particularly when he has an itch to scratch! Making Seq Cross Platform - Ashely Mannix Seq is a log server that can help make sense of large and complex app environments, so long as there's a Windows machine to run it on. This year we've broken Seq's hard Windows dependency, making it support Linux as a first-class platform. To do this we've ported the C# codebase to .NET Core, and written a new storage engine called Flare to replace ESENT, which is a Windows-specific storage technology. In this talk we'll walk through our journey from Full Framework and ESENT on Windows to .NET Core and Flare on Linux. We'll share our experience in changing the way we develop, build and deploy Seq and take a peek into what the future holds. About Ashely Mannix Ashley is an engineer at Datalust and active participant in the Rust programming language community.

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