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PTSD and Trauma are some of the most common disorders currently being experienced in our community at present. Many people often experience other symptoms associated with these conditions which includes anxiety, depression and distress. Trauma can be the result of a distressing event which can include car accidents, natural disasters, health complications, witness a distressing event, victim of crime as well as war and combat situations. This group aims to help people not only improve the various symptoms of trauma but to also help people be able to cope and eventually move beyond the issues of trauma. This group is for people who would feel more comfortable in a group counselling environment as opposed to individual counselling as it is to be a support group where people can help each other. This group will emphasise safety as being the core priority of the sessions and therefore no person will be pressured to discuss or present their personal traumas. Each group will only require a fee of $5 and all group members will be required to have a phone meeting with the facilitator before the group begins. The group will be held every friday night at 14 Ilya Street, MacGregor and the facilitators name is Ben who can be reached on 0423 223 739. Thank you and hope to see you there. Pathways to Personal Safety offers people who

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