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Skill Sets for 2020 & beyond - how to prepare for Jobs that don't exist yet
50% of tasks currently performed by people can already be automated. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when every industry and job will get disrupted. Good news? Technology doesn't only replace jobs but also created new opportunities. Question is - how to prepare for jobs that don't exist yet? Join us for an insightful discussion by a panel who are already ahead of their times! Learn how they got to where they are now and what skill sets they predict to be in high demand for 2020 and beyond! Myles Lawlor A native of Dublin, Ireland, Myles is now Head of Technology at Youfoodz, one of Australia's fastest growing businesses and Australia's largest fresh food delivery business. His role can be simply summed up as providing technologies that deliver convenience, freedom and enjoyment to Youfoodz's tens of thousand's daily customers. Myles's approach is to be obsessive about putting the customer at the centre of your decision making, from process, to technologies, to product. Prior to Youfoodz, Myles's had spent over 20 years delivering technologies for the the likes of Canon, Deloitte, and IBM. ============== Ross Medina Over 20 years’ experience marketing, media, events, business development and management within the membership, manufacture and non for profit sectors. Ross is a highly skilled negotiator with the ability to build and leverage relationships and lead teams which drive the strategic and operational direction of organisations. Currently the Queensland State Manager for ACS (Australian Computer Society). The Principal Objective of the ACS is to promote the development of Australian information and communications technology resources, with a vision for Australia to be a world leader in technology talent that fosters innovation and creates new forms of value. Ross is partnering with High Schools and Universities focused on core skills development, industry engagement and career readiness throughout Queensland to deliver three key objectives - capability of skills, capacity of resources and ACS as the catalyst for industry initiatives. When developing strategic and tactical marketing activity, Identifying and negotiating corporate & industry sponsorships and partnerships - Ross achieves results via the creation of value propositions and a deep understanding of the desired target market. =============== Peta Karunaratne Peta has spent her career creating organisational contexts where people and ideas can thrive. She is currently the Head of People, Transformation and Innovation at Silver Chef, one of only a handful of publicly listed B Corporations in the world. This means Silver Chef has been through a rigorous global certification process to prove that it is both for profit and for purpose. Peta’s role is dedicated to amplifying purpose; to use it to transform humans and organisations and ignite innovation to deliver greater collective impact in the world. She has over 15 years’ experience working in the UK and Australia in a variety of roles that have led her to her current position; where she is experimenting with redesigning organisational systems, to fully unleash creativity, innovation and human potential.

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