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The Bulleen Property Meeting group in Melbourne was created by property investors to provide opportunities for like-minded investors to get together and learn from each other, share ideas and exchange contacts in a relaxed social environment.

Who is the Bulleen Property Meeting Group?

The Bulleen Property Meeting group in Melbourne is part of a national group (PropertyMeeting.com.au) and each state hosts local meetings run by experienced property investors with a passion for supporting others. The Bulleen Property Meeting group was started in 2011 and is currently run by Tony Lambrianos.

Who is Tony Lambrianos?
I am a very experienced property investor, mentor and director of ResultsMentoring.com an organisation that provides independent property mentoring services helping people become smarter property investors. Having personally mentored hundreds of property investors, my passion is in helping others achieve their financial goals and live an amazing life full of options not restricted by financial constraints.

Over the last fifteen years my wife and I have bought and sold our way through dozens of properties on our own and with business partners. I have significant experience in all investment property strategies having experienced them first hand many times over. I am passionate about property investing and I have found that success requires strong focus, commitment and persistence. I have come to appreciate that talking to and meeting like-minded investors drives you to keep going, and reinforces that you're not the only one trying to achieve your goals. Today, I continue to invest in residential rentals, renovations, property developments and commercial properties as well as businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Who should attend these meetings?

Whether you’re just starting out or are experienced in your own investing, we guarantee that the topics and speakers at the various meetings will definitely spark your interest!

What is the purpose of these meetings and why should you attend?
The purpose of the meetings is education and networking. You will not be sold to in the meetings. If you like what is presented you may ask to get more information from the presenter. I invite experts in their respective property field of expertise such as architects, land surveyors, real estate agents, home staging experts, etc plus other investors to share their deals with the group. To find out what topics and speakers presented in the past go to www.propertymeeting.com.au (http://www.propertymeeting.com.au/) and click on Past Meetings.

The Bulleen Property Meeting group is a place where you can come and meet other like minded property investors in a to safe environment where you can ask any question you like. I recommending reading a lot of books and networking and speaking to other investors, and if you enjoy this sort of environment, then you will really enjoy the group.
Property investing is so much more than buying a house and renting it out for 10 years waiting for it to go up in value. The best way to find out about investing is to come and listen to active investors who are doing the deals and making money in today's market. What are you looking to find, from the group (e.g. learn skills, network, finance JV partners, money partners, etc)
As the group leader, I am keen to help others get started in property investing, or move to the next level of their investing. As a property investor, there is much to learn, and the people you meet play a big role in your investing journey. Networking is an important part of investing - you never know who you meet who might give you an idea for your next property deal, or who might be your next joint venture partner or money partner. So come along and see who you might meet.

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