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Useful sites for shopping n donating
I will add some links for cute items with the money going to help animals Cute Cat t shirt Help the Bears Shame as this is for US only . We need one on Perth ? with food going to a rescue group .

Needs a location

What we're about

Are you a Crazy Cat lady with 5 cats or feeding the local stray colony of 10 mums and kittens .
Well welcome I am one also
Do you love cats and kittens but cant have any (or only one ) BUT wish you could help save those dumped , starving abused furbabies .
Well I am hoping to get likeminded people together . Don't worry if you haven't any time I want your money and connections , your face book friends....... to join and help with a tiny donation even $2 a couple of times a year !!!
My theory is if I can get 1,000 caring members who pay a join fee which goes 100 % to a Cat Rescue (who spends 100% on the animals no wages etc ) this will save hundreds of kittens and cats from day one THEN as I post fundraising events or desperate cases if even 25 % 250 people donate $2 we can help there also without us missing the cost of a chocolate bar and still feel we have made a difference .
Its a long shot but I know the people of Perth are mostly kind caring people who will step up and make a small but vital difference
This will also be a group for INFORMATION and people asking for or volunteering help with ACTUAL RESCUE WORK so don't be shy step up if this is how you can help OR even helping feed one of our feral cat colonys once a week cost half a box of cat biscuits , their gratitude priceless
Of course I will be posting funny cat crap and hopefully adding a facebook page link also (if it works)

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