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Café Psychologique has been taking place in Sydney at The Horse Hotel in Surrey Hills, since October 2017. The café provides a space where people can come together to discuss and explore a range of topics from feminism, consciousness, love, creativity, consumerism, and the like. The café is free to attend (voluntary contributions are welcome). The café has been successfully introduced in multiple cities across the UK and in Prague.

Here is some more information about the café: http://www.spark.uk.net/cafe-psychologique

Here's a recent article about a café set up in Liverpool, UK: https://www.goodnewsliverpool.co.uk/…/friendly-cafe-where-…/

The Café takes place on the last Wednesday of each month (except for December) and there will be a new topic for discussion each time. Come along and join in the conversation! I look forward to seeing you there.

Steve Mayers - Café Facilitator

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Is love worth the risk?

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About the Café

Café Psychologique began in Leeds, UK in 2011. The café is a space for a conversation held once per month. Each time, a new person will provide discussion starters, and people bring along whatever issue they want to discuss and explore. Café Psychologique can discuss a variety of topics concerned with living today ranging from feminism, consciousness, love, creativity, consumerism, and the like.

Where is it?

Café Psychologique meets 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM on the last Wednesday of each month (apart from December). The café is held at The Horse Hotel, 381 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 and attendance is now limited to 25 people per café following Covid-19 restrictions.


Café Psychologique in Sydney is hosted by Steve Mayers whose aim is to provide a space for people to connect through conversation and consider issues related to psychology in a public and accessible way. Steve is a UK trained clinical psychologists. Steve was a member of the Leeds café and recently set up the successful Liverpool (UK) branch of café psychologique: https://www.goodnewsliverpool.co.uk/2017/09/13/friendly-cafe-where-talk-is-cheap-in-fact-its-free/

How does it work?

Steve will be at the café each month to kick things off. Each time they will be joined by one or more people who will pose some questions and start the conversation. There are no long presentations. Rather, the conversation is driven by the participants, and the areas they want to discuss based on the theme of that particular meeting. People are free to talk about what they want, the facilitators role is to enable exploration and discovery.


There are a few rules that help the conversation to flow well.

1. Everyone can talk in Café Psychologique. There will be no lectures, and this is about creating a conversation, so at some point in the evening, do try and make sure you say something in the whole group. Even if it's just to say you're not sure what to say...

2. All points of view are valid. Whatever you say is valid. It may be 'wrong', in others' opinion. But it is valid to say it. Whatever it is.

3. One person talks at a time. Some topics make people feel very passionate and it can sometimes be hard to allow one person to speak at a time but it makes for much better conversation.

4. Use statements not questions. As I said, we are here to have a conversation, not to listen what a professional has to say, so as much as you can, say what you think, and particularly speak from your experience if you can, not just from your knowledge. Sometimes when you feel the urge to ask a question to a person, maybe think, what is my perspective on this? What do I want to say?

5. It is your agenda. The conversation can go wherever you want it to. You can raise whatever issue you want to. In the end, the one guaranteed way to have your point raised, is to say it.


As the café is now limited to 30 participants. The café is now FREE to attend with donations welcome.

Come along and join in the conversation!

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